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Biden warns of the spread of Delta variants

A kindIn light of the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus, the President of the United States Joe Biden Urge Americans to get vaccinated again Biden said at the White House on Tuesday that the potentially more dangerous Delta variant has caused half of the infections in some parts of the United States. “Our fight against this virus is not over yet.”

Biden announced his government’s new measures to increase vaccination quotas. Among other things, community helpers should provide information about vaccinations from door to door. Mobile clinics will also be used more intensively.

Biden’s goal is that 70% of adults in the United States should be vaccinated at least once before Independence Day last Sunday. Just missed this goal. The President of the United States announced on Tuesday that by this weekend, 160 million of the approximately 330 million Americans will be fully vaccinated.

People who have not been vaccinated are particularly at risk

Biden said: “The virus is spreading, and the United States is making a comeback.” But everyone must do their part and get vaccinated. “Free. It has never been easier. It has never been more important.”

Biden said: “One study after another shows that since the beginning of May, almost all people in the U.S. who have been hospitalized and died of Covid-19 have not been vaccinated.”

Biden’s Covid-19 consultant Anthony Fauci said on NBC last Sunday: “If you look at the death toll, about 99.2% of people have not been vaccinated and 0.8% of people have been vaccinated.” No vaccine is perfect. But most of the serious or fatal diseases are preventable.

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