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Biden’s brain freezes-RedState

Brain freezing is an instant headache caused by ice cream hitting the upper jaw. Medically called sphenopalatine neuralgia, its blood shrinks. You can’t figure it out.

President Biden redefines brain freeze. This is Biden’s freeze. He usually happens when reporters ask questions other than “a spoonful or two?” An issue involving his work could cause Biden to freeze, which happened again this weekend in Michigan.

President Biden was asked about cyber hackers. Joe lowered his head, looking like a robot entering a low-power mode. He finally restarted, freed himself from the deadlock, and took out the notes prepared by his staff.

Afterwards, President Biden took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves, and began to do important work. ice cream.

“One or two spoonfuls of Mr. President?”

Joe got two spoons. We know this is because CBS News reported it dutifully.

“President Joe Biden ended his trip to Michigan with a trip to a local ice cream shop. He ordered vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips in a waffle cone-and made sure to get two scoops.”

What happens when the watchdog becomes a running dog? look up.

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