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Bikini is 75 years old: what does it represent today?

DThe first bikini was performed by nightclub dancers. Ordinary mannequins (still called models at the time) worried that if they showed the work of Louis Réard in France, their reputation would be affected. A dress that exposes the belly button-this was incorrect in 1946.

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The bikini has been seen many times since it was invented 75 years ago. In 1951, he was described as guilty by the Pope, and a year later he starred in a film for the first time with the support of the then 17-year-old young man Brigitte BardotIn 1962, when Ursula Anders appeared in the James Bond movie “Doctor”, he made her an idol. No, “Come out of the water in a white bikini. In the 1960s and 1970s, the once-popular two parties finally became a symbol of liberation and liberation during the sexual revolution. And today?

Iconic movie appearance: Ursula Andress (Ursula Andress) in

Iconic movie appearance: Ursula Andress (Ursula Andress) in “James Bond is Chasing Dr.” in 1962 (James Bond is Chasing Dr. No”

Picture: dpa

No bikini body without bikini

Bikini has left the scandal behind, and today is more like BurkiniThis aroused people’s thoughts. But the bikini quickly lost the light of liberation. In the 1970s, the Bikini Museum in Badrappenau published the first advertisements for models in bikinis: cars, batteries, drinks and cigarettes. There is no mention of the content of the bikini model related to the advertised product, it is at most a kind of “decoration”, as the museum calls it-the term “sex trade” still exists.

On the contrary, the bikini seems to represent today’s pressure. If you are asking around in the locker room of a swimwear store, the bikini body is always everywhere except for the right two-piece suit—or more accurately, it shouldn’t. In Germany, the average woman wears sizes 42 to 44, and she often tries on bikinis next to slim advertising posters of models. Brands like Victoria’s Secret helped shape the ideal of a woman with a flat belly and wrinkle-free legs. In fact, models usually rely on juice to nourish themselves only a few days before recording and photo editing—a free gift. Instagram reinforces this image, and the word bikini body has resonated: If you want to lie on the beach in a two-piece suit, you must first exercise a normal, beautiful body.

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