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Ted Cruz expresses dissatisfaction with Cori Bush’s disgusting Independence Day comments – RedState

Yesterday, I reported on Independence Day which may be the worst holiday weekend, but the famous Racer Toure Do your best to get it (see The most disgusting and ridiculous July 4th happened).

“Squad” member Rep. Corey Bush (D-MO) decided that July 4 will be a good day to let people know that only “white people” are free and that the United States is built on stolen land.

Obviously, the intellectual weight that Bush throws here is not close to physical fitness. Her view ignores a lot of background, not only the United States, but also the entire human history.

Senator Ted Cruz saw her tweet and responded accordingly.

Cruz is right. Bush’s comments are not some subtle and deliberate positions. Rather, they are the result of someone who hates her country. There is no reason to make it more than it makes it too complicated. This is a country that despises the country that has given her so much and the many people who share it with her. Not to mention that she is just a blatant racist.

All of this means that she fits well with Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other members of the ultra-left core group in the House of Representatives. In fact, at this point, Bush’s antics are almost boring. Oh, you hate America and think it is evil? Well, join dozens of other Democratic congressmen who have the same idea.

However, for the sake of future generations, I will discuss the advantages here a little bit. The United States is not built on “stolen” land. Instead, it was built on land purchased and conquered through several wars. This makes it not unique in the historical chronicles. Almost every country on the planet has obtained and maintained its borders through force and bargaining. Countries that fail to do so are the result of other countries doing this for them and protecting them along the way.

In fact, long before the arrival of the Europeans, every piece of land the United States now depends on was contested and “stolen” by a certain tribe of another tribe. This is simply the way of the world. This does not mean that you do not admit the mistakes of history, discuss them, and learn from them. This does mean that you are determined to live in the current reality and observe all of history, not just the narratives that are suitable for waking up.

As Cruz said, these misleading rants by the ultra-left racial fraudsters are aimed at division and nothing else. Bush wants power, and she sees power in the division. There is no need to understand her rant more deeply than this.

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