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Boots were licked after the National Security Agency’s espionage against Tucker Carlson was confirmed-RedState

yesterday, Allegations made by Tucker Carlson of Fox News The National Security Agency has collected his communications, and they will be leaked for partisan interests. Although we don’t know who leaked the email, it just shows that Carlson is trying to arrange an interview with Vladimir Putin (NBC News interviewed him just two weeks ago), but we know that someone must have been involved in the disclosure. his job. This makes the Biden administration the most likely source of information.

(Look Tucker Carlson responds to blockbuster spy apocalypse)

Of course, before yesterday, a series of people called Carlson a liar because he even claimed what he claimed last week. Now, these people are trying to get rid of the corners they have portrayed by making all kinds of stupid and dull claims.

This is how it is-the NSA’s denial is a whole lie. As many of us have pointed out (called conspiracy theorists at the time), it was carefully designed to try to make irrelevant distinctions between whether Carlson was the “target” of surveillance. But this does not deny the fact that Carlson was being monitored. When you intercept someone’s communications, even with indirect support, reveal their name, and then leak those communications to the media, this is espionage.

However, according to our usual arrangements, the most outspoken critics of Carlson’s initial accusations were reluctant to admit that they were wrong. Instead, the boots are being licked, because defending an overbearing, politicized intelligence agency is clearly preferable to admitting that what happened to Carlson was bad.

This is indeed the crux of the problem. Those who got this wrong now want to hide behind the government-defined technical distinctions, which do not actually make excuses for what happened. Frankly, I don’t care how the NSA defines “espionage.” The whole point of their definition of their terms is that they can abuse them at will, which is exactly what you saw in their previous denials. If you ask people to play a game where another team can make all the rules when talking about the weaponization of the Intel community, then you are giving the government the respect that the government has not won. This was once something that all conservatives agreed. It is no longer a tragic proof that the Trump era has destroyed so many people.

In short, when what happened to Carlson was an illegal and disgusting abuse of power, hiding behind semantic arguments was just cowardice. Malicious actors can call it “accidental surveillance” if it makes them feel better, but this does not change the fact that government officials monitor American journalists and then illegally leak his communications for obvious partisan reasons. If this is something Goldberg or anyone else wants to defend, they should stand up directly to defend it, rather than hiding behind cheap, dull arguments and avoiding the extent of what happened.

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