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British and Danish fans get tickets to “once in a lifetime” semi-final

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British and Danish football fans who won tickets Denmark bear United Kingdom In the 2020 European Cup semi-finals, the game was described as a “once in a lifetime situation”.

Thousands of Danes living in the UK are facing a nervous wait to determine if they can purchase one of the 5,000 tickets that have been issued to them.

But on Sunday night, 68-year-old Bette Petersen Broyd managed to get three tickets to the game.

Born in Skanderborg, Denmark, the Honorary Secretary of the British-Danish Society-a charity organizing social and cultural activities-lives in Croydon.

68-year-old Bette Petersen Broyd is a Danish living in the UK-she hopes to get a ticket to watch the Denmark-England match at Wembley

“This is very exciting,” she told PA News Agency. “Kasper (her son) immediately said,’Oh, thank you very much!’ He was elated about it.

“The problem is when you go Wembley Such a game? How do you prepare?

“I really can’t think about the fact that we might not win now! I mean it’s not on the card right now, it’s not an option, really!”

England midfielder Mason Hill Say that Denmark is entering the “lion’s lair” as England will return to the wobbly Wembley Stadium for Wednesday’s coveted match.

The National Stadium received approximately 20,000 supporters in the group stage, more than 40,000 supporters in the 2-0 victory over Germany, and the National Stadium has more than 60,000 fans.

I feel that I am not only by my side, but also by many other people.

However, the lucky Danes will be helped by the Danish Football Association. They said: “The DBU has sent the national team’s jersey and flag to Wembley for the Danes living in England so they can wear them in the semi-finals. well.”

Mrs. Peterson Broyd said: “I think I am not just for myself, I am also for many other people.

“I exist for the players, making them feel like they have almost the support of the home fans, but also for many others.

“I saw people sending emails saying,’I have tickets now, I have four tickets for the whole family’, so they are very excited and report that many of them have succeeded.

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