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What the newspaper says-July 5


The front page is guided by the Downing Street press conference expected to be held on Monday, when the Premier Boris Johnson The country will be notified of the official plan to eventually relax the blockade measures.

era, Daily mail with independent Report that Mr. Johnson will lift the remaining blockade on July 19, as he warned the British must “learn to coexist with Covid-19”.

Daily Telegraph with Daily Mirror Said that once the restrictions are lifted, people will be encouraged to use their “judgment” on the mask.

Simultaneously, protector It has triggered strong opposition from the scientific community to the expected “Freedom Day” easing policy.

Elsewhere, the Daily Express with subway According to reports, the Queen has awarded the George Cross, Britain’s highest civilian medal, to the entire NHS.

sun Accept an interview with an ex United Kingdom soccer player Stewart Pierce He told the newspaper that he thinks the current Three Lions are better than his 1996 European Cup team, which lost to eventual champion Germany in the semifinals.

This Daily Star According to reports, the British football team was also in a leading position after the UFO was found hovering over England, urging aliens not to interfere in England’s preparations.

and Financial Times It is said that the ride-sharing app Didi has been forced to close its app store in China by China’s cybersecurity regulator.

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