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Cancellation culture follows Mel Gibson again, otherwise it is called “how to beat a dead horse”-RedState

Mel Gibson It is a legend. Not only an excellent actor, but also an even more incredible director. Everyone knows that if it wasn’t for some drunken anti-Semitic rant or his staunch Catholic, Hollywood would reward him and flatter him. On the contrary, Gibson was marginalized in the critics while still producing high-quality works and being sought after by others.

See the first two sentences of the previous paragraph.

No matter how strong the virtues of Hollywood are, in the final analysis, it is all about work: this work creates money that Hollywood loves, and this money helps create more jobs. The town is full of pedophiles, misogynists, abusers, and other rubbish that makes a lot of money for yourself and others-why do you think Harvey Weinstein and Brian Singer stay here? so long. Compared with that lot, Mel Gibson is a saint.

This is why Mel Gibson will never be cancelled, and our cultural and cinematic landscape will become better for it. Therefore, instead of hunting Gibson alone, people are now trying to hunt down anyone who chooses to cooperate with him.

enter Eddie Mason A British actor had the privilege of cooperating with Gibson to make a movie in 2019, Professor and MadmanThis movie is also starring Sean Penn, who I checked last time, and besides being a leftist idiot, he is not a good person. But let’s put it all on Mel.

Ma Sang has had a long and productive career, starring in movies including New York Gangs, Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes Series, and Hobbes and Shaw, And TV shows like this Ray DonovanFor this reason he often plays the protagonist’s brother. Mason is not lightweight, his craftsmanship is very sought after. He is at a stage in his career and he can choose who he wants to work with.

According to his Twitter profile, Marsan is a humanist: someone who believes in doing good without the help of external theological structures. The background to this situation will soon become apparent.

Marsan reposted and commented on a tweet by British politician Dan Fox, who asked Twitter to support the cancellation of some of his online harassment (good luck). Marsan expressed his confusion about this behavior and his solidarity with Dan Fox:

What surprises me is that followers of a movement that claims to be benevolent in their hearts, whose leaders describe it as “better and gentler politics”, continue to do the most brutal things, as if their political loyalty has given them to do so. s right. Unity Dan.

Someone nicknamed “Black lives are important” (how primitive) and decided to respond to Mason’s tweets with photos of him and Mel Gibson Professor and MadmanAnd asked him,

Your friend, the famous anti-Semitist Mel Gibson, how about Eddie?

So, will playing a movie role with someone now make you a “good friend”? curious. I have a lot of work—voluntarily—maybe a few colleagues eventually become friends; but this is not an automatic thing, especially in entertainment. You finish your work, earn a salary, and move on to the next show. Anything extra is a bonus.

or not…

Remember, these people are probably the ones who turned a blind eye to Harvey Weinstein in defense of Woody Allen and Roman Polanski; but Mel Gibson? Beyond pale!

Mason’s response was very epic:

I don’t know, I haven’t seen him since the film was completed in 2016. I continue to play Ray Donovan with Jon Voight, whom I disagree with politically. Interestingly, the world is full of people I disagree with, and sometimes I have to interact with them. who knows?

Another commenter regarded this as Marsan’s endorsement of Gibson and said a lot. Mason responded appropriately:

Is this what you have? ? ? I am 53 years old and I have done more things worse than appearing in movies with Mel Gibson. Professor and lunatic. It also starred Sean Penn, Stephen Dylan, Steve Coogan and Lawrence Fox.I didn’t do it, but I did it very well, if I say so myself

Well done, echoing my comment on Sean Penn; but because he spit out the correct political abuse, no one tried to cancel him. One of the problems with this culture of cancellation is that you can support people who have the same ideas as you, and eventually do things that you cannot tolerate, so they must be eliminated. It is its own, a perfect picture of the circular firing squad. When you start to eat your own food, sooner or later no one can eat it.

Another commenter agreed with Marsan’s point and attributed it accurately: It’s about becoming an adult and navigating the world through that lens. However, this generation coined the term “adult”. This lets you know that they are not keen on having to do this at all.

About director Richard Donner’s recent death (The Lethal weapon Series-Hello! ), Gibson has these Kind words To say that the director who was almost responsible for making Mel Gibson a star.

“Donald! My friend, my mentor. Oh, what I learned from him! He humbly called himself “just a traffic policeman”, which weakened his talent and greatness. He kept his arrogance Was at the door and asked others to do so,” Gibson said. “He has a big heart and generously gives to all who know him. If we pile up all the good deeds he has done, it will extend to some unknown place in the sky. I will miss him very much, and his naughty wit and wisdom.”

The beauty of the human condition is that it is our greatest victory, our greatest defeat, and something in between, shaping everyone and that person’s contribution to society. Gibson has and will continue to contribute to the art of film. With his pioneering work, PassionHe also made great contributions to the in-depth exploration of the Christian faith.

You will never successfully cancel it.

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