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Car stuck on a flooded highway near Herne

youOn Thursday, floods flooded cellars and streets in several areas of Germany. Parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg have been particularly affected.At night, the severe weather warning is still in effect German Meteorological Service (DWD) Before heavy rain and hail storms occurred in parts of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. Offenbach’s DWD stated that in addition to the flooding of cellars and streets, hail and local lightning damage may also occur.

In the Ruhr area, highway 42 near Herne was flooded. The highway police control center said late Thursday that many cars were trapped in the water between the Herne intersection and the Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck exit. The road section has been closed.Police and Fire department Among other things, the pump is used to monitor the situation and take care of those who get stuck when necessary.

A fallen tree in the Czech Republic killed two people

Herne’s fire brigade control center talked about more than 50 tasks in the evening. 130 people were deployed. It is understood that many cellars are full and several large exit roads are flooded.

In the neighboring city of Bochum, the fire brigade also had to deploy in inclement weather. Two lightning strikes the trees there, and there is a danger of collapse. A few days ago, Fröndenberg an der Ruhr was hit by severe flooding and several cellars were full again.

During the thunderstorm, several wine cellars in eastern Bavaria were full on Thursday, and trees fell on the streets. According to information from the Passau Integrated Control Center, by the evening, emergency services in the surrounding area had deployed 122 severe weather missions. The Rottal-Inn district most frequently receives emergency calls (66). A spokesperson said it was mainly about water damage.

In Baden-Württemberg, heavy rain can sometimes cause confusion and traffic delays. According to the city’s spokesperson, many cellars in Kraichtal, Karlsruhe, were full, and several streets were flooded and partially covered with mud. Within a few minutes, the rain was so heavy that the water could not flow out.

In the Czech Republic, one died storm When a tree fell on their car, two people. Police said late Thursday that the driver had no chance to respond in a timely manner. The two children in the back seat were injured and taken to the hospital. The accident occurred near Pisek, a small town in South Bohemia, nearly 90 kilometers south of Prague. According to the police, the deceased was a stranger and they offered to drive the children home in the storm. The parents who continued to walk were safe.

In the southwestern part of the Czech Republic, the fire brigade performed dozens of missions at night, clearing fallen trees from the streets and empty rain-filled basements. The operation of multiple railway lines had to be interrupted. Just two weeks ago, a tornado in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic killed 6 people, injured hundreds and damaged about 1,200 houses.

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