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CDU politicians demand consequences in Mason case

Im Dealing with the controversial former chairman of the Constitutional Protection Office and direct candidates of the CDU Hans-George Mason The leading politicians of the CDU demanded the consequences. According to the latest statement of the former head of constitutional protection, Uwe Schummer, chairman of the Bundestag trade union, asked the Thuringia Regional Association to keep a distance from Masen’s candidacy. “Mr. Mason’s candidacy is hurting the league,” Schumer told the Fink Media Group newspaper on Tuesday.

With his non-retrospective remarks, every interview is “like a cannonball rolling on the deck.” The nomination was “a mistake”. “I appealed to the responsible regional association: to withdraw his trust in his candidacy. No candidate is better than a bad candidate,” Schumer said.

“Maybe Mr. Mason should be given a personality test”

The reason for the debate was Mason’s public broadcast statement, in which he accused “Tagesschau” and its employees, especially for being connected to the scene of left-wing extremism, and called for an investigation. Mason did not provide specific examples or evidence for his allegations or name. After the attack, there were also obvious internal criticisms, including requests for expulsion from the party.

North Rhine-Westphalia MEP Dennis Radtke (CDU) Called on Ma Sen to abandon his directly authorized candidacy and resign from his party position. “When Mr. Maassen felt the last contact with the CDU, he should give up his candidacy and leave the party,” Funke newspaper Radtke said. “Perhaps Mr. Maaßen should be tested before he takes office-so we can survive.”

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