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Chat with my friend and Russian multilingual Artem Nazarov-Interview #18-Italian Podcast

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Italian podcast. After the interview, I just did it with Amir I have another interview—or rather, I would say conversation, because this is not a real interview It is (=”yes”, but more formal) A conversation-I had a conversation with my friend Artem from the Russian city of Novosibirsk. We recently met in Milan and we made a video together. You can watch it as a video or listen to it as an audio clip.We talked about some things. He is a multilingualist and a language lover. We have known each other for a few years. In the video Let’s go back (recall, back) Our knowledge. Let’s talk about language, let’s talk about Italy and other things. But before starting to play the video, I want to remind you that you can go to Italki. If you don’t know that Italki is a website that teaches courses with language teachers or tutors. They are personalized courses and very comfortable because you can do them. At home, no matter where you are. Compared to courses in a language school, you don’t have to travel and pay much less on average.I teach on Italki, and by the way, I almost reached Finish line In 600 lessons, so if you want to take a lesson with me, you can click on the link you will find in the description of this episode, in the podcast app you listen to, or on the podcastitaliano.com website, through this Do so you can get 10 dollars in Italki credits, even if you want to take classes with me or any other teacher. I recommend it, it is a good way to improve Italian, maybe now you can speak like Artem, let us listen to our conversation.

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-Hello everyone, and welcome to the Italian Podcast. In this video, I show you an extraordinary multilingual, that is… Introduction (self-introduction), who are you?

-Hi everyone, my name is Artem and she is one of them Lie (lie) I am an extraordinary multilingual, I know some languages ​​but not extraordinary!

– Atem modest But in fact he knows many languages, including Thai (Thai),better…

-A little’. A bit of Thai.

-And… well, there are many other languages, including Italian. I don’t remember all of these. Well, how did we meet? Because this is a very interesting thing.

– Yes it is.

-When… how many years ago, do you remember?

-Five years…Four years ago, I thought. Four years ago, I had

a blog…

-But we explained that you are Russian, we did not say.

– Oh yes! -But you understand, no, I am not Italian.

-Artem, Artyom is actually a real Siberian. It comes from Novosibirsk.

-Yes, yes, from Novosibirsk, here I am… We are in Milan, I am here for the fourth time in Italy, right?

– the fourth time. -Italy is the main reason I started Regarding language (better:language learning )(I started to learn the language/how to enter the language)


-You start to learn the language.

-Yes, yes, I start in Italian and then do… using materials (those that David did), real content, I can learn Italian, and then other languages. But the question is (* about) how did we meet?

-Yes… well, that’s it on Facebook!

-Sophie Bucky! ! !

-I like the way he makes fun of me, imitating my accent.

-On Facebook! Yes, on Facebook… (fact) I have (have) a blog, and I want people to read my…

-Ah, it was spam?

-Yes, this is spam.

– I do not know. I think this is an interest in Italians, an interest in language… No, this is spam, pure!

-At first it was spam, and then because David (me) asked: “What do you want?!” But what do you want (*from) me? !

-“Yes, but who are you?!” – I have to Invention (compensation)

One reason.

-An excuse!

-So I’m done… what do you say?

-I’m done…We finally became friends.

-We eventually became friends. But yes, at first I didn’t necessarily have to look for (without “the”) people to practice together, but now it’s a destiny for me to have Italian friends, all thanks to (llo) spam and then (the) spam … – spamThis is good and correct (=It is good-expression from the Bible)



-Spam is good and correct!

-Erika, the voice of truth. Yes, because you are traveling to Italy, if I remember correctly, it was to Verona, you fell in love with Italian, so you started yoursLanguage tour

. -Yes, I came to (2013) in 2013 (2013), then two or three months later I started to learn the language, and then my next trip to Italy (* next trip) was done in Italian (I did it all*). This is a totally different experience (*This is a totally different experience) (*In contrast) When I was in Italy for the first time, I didn’t even speak English and when you could speak When you have Italian friends, thenmi raccomando (please make sure…)

, Learn (learn*) Italian.

-Study, learn Italian. Aha.

-I still need to improve my Italian, but if your goal is to travel and make friends, then you should not speak in your native language (such as native speakers*), but…yes. – I agree. Yes, let’s explain it better, because…you were actually learning Italian at the time…so, well…we found this to be spam, It’s actually spam, but your excuse is that you want to make an exchange between Italy and Russia, and then we really started. I don’t know how long we talked, but it’s actually not that often.ogni tanto solo (only once in a while)

. -Yes, yes, but then… I used yours in the beginningCompetitor (competitor)

-No, this is not a competitor.

-Can you name it? -Yes, Alberto, but he is not a competitor, don’t create confrontation [ride]

nonexistent. -Alberto Arigini,Italian automatic

Everyone knows him, if you know me, you must know Alberto. -Yes, Alberto, if you watch this video, half of you want to thank you, and the other half of you want to thank Davide for learning Italian. Yes, so after studying

the real content for four to six months, I started talking to Italians on Skype and talking to my other friend Carlo. He may be watching this video. Goodbye Carlo.Yes, you don’t have to talk, you don’t have to practice every day, practice twice or three times every (a *) week

basterebbero (sufficient).

– Yes Yes. Then look back at the friendship we met for the first time… It was… in Turin, yes, you are here, and I entertained you.

– exactly.

-Then… wait, but this is the second time… Ah, this is the second time! No, I thought… -Yes, we have seen it a thousand times on Skype, but this is only the second time amongpeople. ——

I think too much ,mi sono confuso (I think more, I am confused)..

-You didn’t…oh, okay, but you don’t have to put this part on it (but I put it on :D), you didn’t see each other



-Oh no, there is no “Artemio” in Bratislava.

-But it seems… already very much like my brother.

-It’s been a while…it’s hard to believe…

-We met for the second time.

-Yes, in fact, I think at least like the third one.

– Yes it is .- Nothing, do you want to live in Milan, Italy?– Yes it is.

-Okay, I already know the answer I still ask you.

-Yes, I want to experience it, learn here, see… that’s immergermi (immerse myself) In Italian, in Italian culture, because… —— Resume (in this case resume = shooting)

Italian culture. Did not see KFC. Ah yes, did you see it?Oh by the way, there are many in Milan too International Chain StoreAnd many cultures.

-Yes, that’s also beautiful, so Italian Won’t kick me (will not kick me) , So foreigners (see yourself) are good (better: they are good-looking). Because if it is a small city, maybe you have to be like (a) Italian.-Yes, and Milan is much more


(Multi-ethnic ). -I also want to say (*I also want to say) Even if you can learn languages ​​at home, in your home, Russia, England, any country, it is better to stay here because you learn quickly here, especially if You have friends and you can do everything in Italian, so you learn fast and also learn natural things (i).

-So, in a day, actually less than a day, a few hours, how many words did we teach you? If you remember them, that’s not it, but…we taught you…what did we teach you? Then,


Chinese food. – Yes it is.-I don’t know, so many words.


parolacce (bad words)


-Too many bad things we can’t repeat. Okay, one last question. If you only need to determine something that is not given to you in Italian, what language would you choose in general? -In a sense… what does it bring me?

– what’s wrong with you

apportato (bring)

In your life. -Well, it’s very simple, because before me…Before I learned a language, I thought the world was like Russia. Yes, I know there are other countries, but the main idea is that I don’t look at Italy, France, and other cultures. At least the language I know (*whose language I know) is foreign culture, for me It’s as if I was born in this world, and this world is my home.

-You are a citizen of the world.

-Citizen of the world, really. Because… let’s think about our country, for example. If… I was born in Novosibirsk, for me, Russia is mine, because I am Russian.But when you learn a language, you will understand that the whole world is yours. If you speak a language and then come to Italy, for example, you can use this language, you can make friends, even if sometimes, everything will be Much easier, even if sometimes you say

cavolate (stupid thing)

Because you don’t speak well.But yes, language just gives me a feeling (better: feeling), even if I’m not there Russia, I am also at home.-On these “diversity notes”, I thank you. We weren’t that serious before the video, but yes, yes, I agree. Maybe language is better than anything to make you understand that you are like this, but it doesn’t mean that everyone is the same as you. So thank you for these kind words. Goodbye… I don’t know, next time in Italy or in Russia.

-I am waiting for you in Russia.

-Well, we may be on Skype personally. Thank you for watching this video. If you are learning Russian, please visit the Artem channel.

-Russia’s progress. Excellent channels, such as Italian podcasts, but not so beautiful. But for the Russians. Oh yeah. Go to his channel. Thank you, see you next time. Hello there.


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