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In the restaurant…in Italy-Intermediate #23-Italian Podcast

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Italian Podcast.Today we have a text Intermediate level Erica wrote and talked about some Features (features-features) Restaurant-go for dinner, or lunch, or when you want to go to a restaurant-you may not know. So in my opinion, it is very good as a text, thanks to Erika for writing. As always, I suggest you visit to read the transcript and follow everything I said. In addition, I would like to remind you of Italki that this fantastic Italki has been sponsoring certain shows on Italian podcasts. Italki is a website for learning languages ​​and teaching classes with tutors. I recently passed critical point Can you believe it in the 600 lessons taught by the professor? I want to talk to you about one of my favorite things about Italki. I have really talked to a lot of people… In English, he will have a great time “from all walks of life”. I don’t know, what do they really do… (work) of any kind. For example, I recently talked to a pilot who was learning English, A pilot, He is Russian and he is learning English with me, so I guess he did not listen to us.I can sparlare di lui (talking behind him-just kidding). Because I also teach English on Italki.But a person who is definitely listening to me, at least I think, I believe he is listening to me, but my other student, he is pilot, Commercial ships, steamships, so yes, I have all the pilots, I just miss a train driver, a man driving a train, what’s his name, a Train driver. If you are a driver, you can tell me. But yes, you also have interesting things. You want to tell me in Italian that you can join me in class by registering for Italki. Follow the link I provided in the description of this episode, you can join me in class, you will get $10 for free, and…nothing, you will help me a lot by doing this, and you will definitely help your Italian , Because it is very, very important.

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Now we heard this episode.

Going to a restaurant is definitely the first thing to do in Italy: we are there or we are not there Gourmet Town? of course.

However, before Put the leg under the table
Take an Italian lesson with me and get $10 italki points for free! And order some delicious, There are some Italian features that are useful Don’t be caught off guard Make no mistake:

1. The difference between a restaurant and a restaurant.You will surely read insegne (sign at the store) Some places are called “Trattoria”. What is the difference between a restaurant and a restaurant? Isn’t it possible to have lunch or dinner in both places? The answer is yes, but it is slightly different.Generally speaking, a restaurant is a smaller and more informal place, and there may be Rustic decor, It offers not-so-exquisite dishes or typical local dishes and home-brewed wines. On the other hand, restaurants are usually larger and more formal, with a more refined menu and therefore more expensive.Therefore, some restaurants are “Ristorante Pizzeria”, so they can be ordered at the same time Cooking dishes (= ordinary dishes) What pizza and suits Let all diners* agree! (Gather all the tablemates together)

*Note: diner is the officially registered word used by Erika, with a certain irony.

2. The Trash can Some bread. (Bread basket) In Italian restaurants, you will often find a basket with bread on the table, and perhaps a god GrisiniOr, the waiter may bring it along with other dishes ordered without anyone requesting it. Don’t worry: the bread is for you, and it’s free!If you run out, you can also ask the waiter to bring you more, even this vi verrà addebitato (no charge) [to you]).

3. Water.Usually Italians don’t order water Karafa (jar), It may happen in other countries, but it is just “a kind of water (natural water or sparkling water)”, that is Imply In the bottle.This may be because water in Italy is not very expensive, because our country is mountainous, so Water source that’s good.

4. Cover.You may be in the menu or directly Receipts (checks, bills) This Wording (entry) “cover”. What is it about?The concept of coverage Back to
Medieval period (Back to the Middle Ages) But it has existed as a feature of all Italy to this day. This is a “tax” worth a few euros, calculated for everyone sitting at the table. In theory, this tax is used to cover the space occupied by each dinner and the cost of all items he uses during the meal: posate (tableware), I tovaglioli (napkin),glass, tovaglia (tablecloth), and many more. Therefore, if you find that you have to pay more than expected when you receive your bill, there may be nothing wrong: you are not only considering insurance costs!

5. Coffee killer. As we all know, Italians cannot give up on ending their meal with a good cup of coffee.In some restaurants, you may encounter a very kind boss who will provide you with the so-called “ammazzacaffè” after coffee, or amaro (bitter, wine), The digestive liqueur to end this meal. Unless you like alcohol, accept this offer: you will have the opportunity to try some typical Italian amaro, such as Amaro Lucano, Amaro Montenegro, Cynar or Limoncello, Never fail (It will never be lost) And, if you are lucky, it may even be homemade!

6. Tips.In Italy, leaving is not considered mandatory or mandatory tip To the waiter, just like in other countries. In fact, the cost of the service is usually already calculated in the total.However, if you feel particularly generous or appreciate the work of a waiter, you can Of course (of course, for sure) Hint, that Will definitely be appreciated And is regarded as a polite gesture.

These are some small dritte (hint, suggestion), Some kind of “instructions” to be able to act like a real Italian in the restaurant without being surprised by some of us eccentric. If you notice any other special circumstances, and whether these habits also exist in your country/region, please let us know.

That said… see you soon and enjoy your meals!

We have also reached the end of this episode, and I like it very much. I hope you like it too, but… these are very, very real things, and yes, they are also very interesting.For example (about) tipping. Indeed, in Italy we almost never give tips. That is to say, this is a very, very rare thing, so when we go abroad, we are a little bit tirchi (stingy). In a sense, tipping is not our habit.Maybe we are a little used to it now, because we go abroad more and more frequently, so we know that we are abroad You do more (more common), However anyway This is not our alley, This is not the habit of Italians. So yes, if you come to Italy, then you can’t tip, you don’t have to. But if you work in a restaurant, and an Italian comes—at a restaurant abroad—the Italian comes and doesn’t tip you, know that this may be the reason. Then I don’t know how much comfort this is for you, maybe…you might still be angry, but yes, that’s why.

Thanks again to Erika for writing this wonderful episode. I remind you that we have Instagram (podcast_italiano), because recently many newcomers listen to Italian podcasts, especially in Spotify, Especially many Brazilians on Spotify. So I am very satisfied with this matter. This is a hug for all newcomers who are just starting to listen to podcasts.If you like listening to podcasts, you can leave a comment, for example Apple Podcast, That will be iTunes. In the past it was called iTunes. It will be very useful, at least I think because… I think it is useful, I don’t know if it is really useful, but I think it is useful Make sure (so that…)Other people find me. Or rather, what other podcasts say, I don’t know if it’s true, but I copied them, so it’s useful. Thanks again, and see you in the next episode.Hello there

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