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Website (and application) updates in recent months

Website (and application) updates in recent months

The following are some of the new features of SwingTradeBot in the past few months.

Earnings calendar

Now there is one The revenue calendar section of the website(It is also listed in the research menu.) This will allow you to move forward in time, unlike Revenue scan.

This mainly applies to the main US version of the website Because profitability data in other markets is difficult to obtain. Even for the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, obtaining these data is surprisingly difficult. If you want it to be accurate, do so! In this day and age, you would think that the income date will have a core “source of truth”, but as far as I know, there is not yet.

The website has had some revenue dates for years, but now that one of my data providers is starting to provide revenue dates, I can easily get more dates and build a calendar. Their data is very good, but occasionally I find an inaccurate date. If I find that the dates of company press releases are different, I will take some measures to cover their dates.but There are still some inaccurate dates sneaking in. Therefore, if the earnings date is important to your process, please double check the date you see on SwingTradeBot.

More stock classifications-industries, industries and tags

The new data provider allows me to update and expand the sector and industry classification of stocks. I also used a tool to analyze the description of each stock and extract keywords (aka tags). This is a huge improvement for the Australian, Canadian, British, and OTCBB versions of the site, as the classifications of these versions were very uneven.

On the website, you can click on the tags and they will take you to a page listing other stocks with the same tags. (On the mobile app, only tags are currently displayed) So this can be another way to find related stocks.

I use tags, industries, and a few other things on my to-do list to list similar stocks on the page of each stock – one This The “If you like X, you may also like G, P, and Z” suggestions you see on the Internet.

Score/ranking history

Some people ask if there is a way to view the history of stock grades/ranks. I have added the grades to the historical trend table, so you can now go there to view the history of grades. In addition, in the last column, I added the percentage change in the stock from that date to the current date. Remember, results are not predictive!They are one Retrospective relative strength rating, Nothing more.

Remove multiple stocks from the portfolio and watchlist at once

You can now delete multiple stocks from the watch list or portfolio. You can select all stocks in the list by clicking the check box in the list header. Alternatively, you can select stocks individually through the checkboxes in each stock row. To delete the selected stock, click the “Delete Selected” button.

New version of the mobile app

There are new versions of Android and iOS apps in the corresponding app stores. Hope you are all using version 2.0 or higher now. There are a lot of changes on the surface, because I basically have to rewrite the application to upgrade to the latest version of the application development framework I use to build the application. So it should be faster and you will notice a slight difference in navigation.

Now that I have completed the framework upgrade, I will be able to start adding functionality to the application again. It may also undergo some plastic surgery.

Please note that I have removed the Intercom chat widget from the mobile application. I did this because of display overlap issues on some phones. Hope I can bring it back soon. There is still email support in the app, or you can contact me using the chat widget on the website.

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