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Click. read. like. 23.10.13 | Jesse Ann Kirby

My heart is heavy this morning, and I’m sure you are too. Yesterday I spoke on the phone with a CEO who has family (and friends) in Israel. He shared some of what he and his family are going through right now and it took everything in me not to burst into tears. I also think it’s important for me to listen. It was obvious that he needed some time to share his thoughts and feelings. While he is scared and deeply saddened for his family in Israel, he is also heartbroken for the innocent Palestinians who are suffering in this war.

Admittedly, such conflicts can be difficult to resolve, both online and offline, but empathy, active listening, and mutual scrutiny cost nothing. Please also take care of yourself. Violence in the press and social media can have a serious impact on your mental health. It’s okay to take a break, take a break from get off work, and check in with yourself.

Here are the best of the week… – Kailyn and Jesse

Click. read. like. 23.10.13

Read, watch and listen.

A must read. The left that refuses to condemn mass murder is doomed. (new york magazine)

No matter what happens, empathy is needed? (atlantic organization)

“I don’t feel happy reporting this, but I have to say: Taylor Swift fatigue is coming”. (charm)

This is a heartbreaking and well worth reading book about childhood cancer, Doctors who treat the disease and what happens to the surviving children. (New York Times)

There are no rules. States and quasi-states are using extreme and unrestrained violence against civilians. (atlantic organization)

Rich people can’t save us. Why big philanthropy is a scam. (teen fashion)

Quite an epic one Brother and Sister Halloween Costumes.

A teenager in a transphobic state.A family’s search Gender Affirming Care for Teens. (New Yorker)

Have you heard of it This common intimate killer? (Now)

An old but important read Why so many people don’t understand anti-Semitism. (atlantic organization)

Hamas and Israel have maintained a violent balance for decades. How war will change this paradigm? (new yorker)

Weight Watchers is a company that sells diet products to us all Apologize for some of their harmful comments. (Wall Street Journal)

Who runs America’s best-performing school system? Pentagon. (Axios)

If other people are like Tired of having dinner like me…(Qiao Cup)

How about parents of teenagers? should have sex Now their children go to bed later than they do. A real conundrum. (that incision)

I think I need to do this Apple Cider Donut Loaf Cake this weekend.

Soon, your nearest abortion clinic may not have a real address, phone number or front door. But it might have an engine and wheels. Cosmo Learn more about it for the first time Covert Ops Clinic Guiding the future of abortion care. (Cosmo)


IYCM My ABLE partnership program launches this week. Get 15% off with JAK15.This is All the details about the series Including fabric, fit and style.

A fellow Vermonter and friend just posted This wonderful children’s book is called “Hope Under the Tree”. Marin loved this book and asked me to read it every night before going to bed. It has such a beautiful message and would be a great gift for any child.

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