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Click. read. like. 9.15.23 | Jesse Ann Kirby

Sezane Will tartan jacket

Happy Friday! We made it through the first week of school. We went from heatwave to sweater weather and it feels like fall and I love it. This morning I realized that was three years ago, to the day we closed on our house in Vermont.this looks like a lifetime ago. Five years ago this week was the first time we came to Vermont and visited Woodstock. I never imagined we would move to Vermont, have a daughter and send her to school here. It’s amazing where life can take you. I wish you a nice weekend.

Here are the best of the week. – Jesse and Kaylin

Click. read. like. 9.15.23


How about conservative doctors? Protected abortion access in Appalachia. (Statistical data)

Why does everyone’s teeth look so perfect?? (Washington post)

I’m always looking for new ways to prepare chicken. give me a nice sauce I’ve joined. (food52) –Kailin

Since school never really leaves you, here’s why you still Dreaming about going to school as an adult. (atlantic organization)

Wow, they finally have names. for this feeling. (that incision)

like Olivia Rodrigo’s second album GUTSespecially her opening track “All American Bitch” and third track “Vampire.” -Jesse

If you’ve ever participated in Pilates or yoga, you’ve probably heard the term fascia. It turns out that This could be the key to better health. (New York Times)

We publish many of Arthur Brooks’ columns here.but Watch his show on CBS Sunday mornings.

20 foods that should not be refrigerated. (food network)

TW- Sexual Assault.If you haven’t followed a person’s story yet New York City gynecologist engaged in rampant sexual abuse of patients, holy wow. This story is unimaginable and the women who came forward are incredibly brave. (new york magazine)

Why do you feel guilty about things you don’t do/are good at? Being a mom is a waste of time. (Qiao Cup)

Resignation letter from bridesmaid. “Three weddings later, I quit at the peak of my bridesmaid career, because honestly, who needs 27 dresses to find their limit?” (charm)

Kayce Atencio suffered a heart attack when he was 19 and had bad credit that kept him from renting an apartment for years due to thousands of dollars in medical debt. “I always felt like I couldn’t find my footing,” said Atencio, one of millions of Americans who Their access to housing is threatened by medical debt. (NPR)

Hair straightening cost: Products used by black women to make their hair thicker and shiny are now being accused of causing cancer. (that incision)


Paired with sweats is my love language for fall and winter.protocol Brightly colored organic cotton sweatshirts and Matching sweatshirt This is the ultimate comfort combo for cool weather.

(As shown above) Sézane Will Jacket The tartan fabric is comfortable, quilted and perfect for fall. Wear it underneath a T-shirt, sweater or button-down shirt.

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