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Click. read. Love. 7.2.21 | Jesse Ann Kirby

Well, we predict it will rain throughout the weekend, so absolutely zero plans. I know we need to rain, so I am very happy/relieved, especially for all local farms. There are a lot of great links and readings this week, so I hope you enjoy them. I wish you a nice weekend.

If you are looking for something to buy, try, read, share or top, we can meet your needs. This is the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Kailin (C

Click. read. Love. 7.2.21

Sometimes happiness requires a little practice!

One of my favorite small businesses, New England Loom (I bought a lot of carpets there), is There are full-site sales.Use code FIREWORK to get 20% discount Through Monday.

Have you ever tried pickled corn?For kimchi lovers, this Probably the next kimchi to try.

This new show looks great–The pursuit of love.

balance, Full-time promotion is in progress. Purchase before July 4 to enjoy a 20% discount (no code required).New customers can be superimposed My code JESSANNKIRBY can enjoy an additional 15% discount. We got a relief box with mint daily drops. I take drops during the day, soft capsules at night, and use creams to treat cramps, muscle aches, aches and pains.

Company-wide holidays may be The future of PTO.

In the relevant description, Burnout is a health condition.

this is A very clever article about the testimony of Britney Spear Last week-here is a lot about how women in the entertainment industry are treated and managed.

I just got This Malian reform dress For the upcoming partnership, this is so cute. The evening dress for future dates is sure. (J)

only Five homemade salad dressings You will always need.

Want to experience some magic?what is this Millions of monarch butterflies sound like.

25% discount on Follain brand purchase Includes kit with code SUMMERSKIN25!My favorite is Vitamin C essence, moisturizing mask, eye cream with lip balm.

Next time you clean the grill Try to use onions.

“If Bill Cosby’s trial can be overturned, what’s the point of standing up?”– An interesting Cosmo column.

Ecological anxiety manifests in new mothers–Sometimes it’s an incentive–the way.

How to break up with Amazon Prime.

on Fear of dressing.

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