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Heal Cheetos Fingers with Snactiv-The Gadgeteer

news – If you like snacks, you know how scary it is to put greasy or Cheetos powdered fingers on game controllers, phones, keyboards or work files. How do you continue to work or play, but still enjoy your snacks? Snactiv!

Snactiv is a chopstick-like device that can be installed between your index finger and middle finger. You close your fingers to close the tip and pick up your favorite snack. Think of your finger thigh master.

The beauty of it is that even if your snacks are greasy or messy, such as French fries or Cheetos, your fingers can be kept clean.

They offer two colors-dark mode (black) and light mode (white), each color is $13, plus shipping and applicable taxes.

They also offer Snactiv with a beautiful case for $17, plus shipping and applicable taxes.

They half-jokingly claim to have high-profile fans and provide the following suspicious endorsements on their website:

“I used SNACTIV to make rockets and eat popcorn at the same time”
— Elon Musk

Snactiv is currently in pre-order status, so you must determine your risk tolerance to pre-order.If you are interested, please go to their website Or grab a decent Amazon $9.99.

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