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Commentary between the two worlds-Juliet Binoche undercover in the gig economy | movie

NThe novelist and filmmaker Emmanuel Carrère starring Juliette Binoche (Juliette Binoche) has meticulously designed this serious about poverty and gig economy. Intent but naive and pretentious drama.Adapted from a French non-fiction bestseller Investigative reporter Florence Aubenas’s Le Quai de Ouistreham in 2010, Published in the UK under the title “Night Cleaner”.

In it, Aubenas described her “undercover” and work experience in the brutal clean world of Caen in northern France, where desperate applicants must polish their resumes with stupid guarantees, and they are passionate about cleaning in exchange for Inhumane work. Poor wages, terrible conditions, and no job security. The toughest part of the job was scrubbing the toilets and cleaning the cabins on the ferry between Ouistreham and Portsmouth.This book is an undercover tradition George Orwell’s ups and downs in Paris and London, Nickel and Dimed of Barbara Ehrenreich with Polly Toynbee’s hard work: a low-paying life in the UK.

Perhaps valuable may be a documentary hosted by Auburnus himself, about the achievements and failures of French gig workers since the publication of her book—or, it can be said, a loach based on the real lives of these people. Fiction workers. What Carrère did was to create a play in which the fictional Aubenas was the center of an imaginary gallery of brave workers—her new best friend. The real dramatic crisis accompanies Obenas’ terrible dilemma, when she has to admit to them that she has been lying and using their lives as the raw material for her book, she will be after she returns to a wealthy and fashionable life Write this book immediately in Paris. When some of her friends who are about to be abandoned see how important her book is, they will forgive her. Some may not.

Play privilege…Binoche between two worlds.

Although this is an unbearably slow and conceited emotional ending, there is still some eye-opening material about the lives of gig workers and some good performances. And, of course, the question of whether this kind of news is delusional or parasitic is a completely valid question. (This is part of the comic point The Satirical Sullivan Travels of Preston Sturges in 1941, Regarding the film director’s announcement that he will live as a tramp to produce his serious masterpiece, brother, where are you? )

However, Binoche’s character has never reflected that this kind of working life experience is cruel, because you know this is what you have: the undercover reporter knows that he or she can quickly return to a comfortable life-a better one Life is satisfied with potential bestsellers (and movie deals).

The film ended up acting as if the reporter’s drama was as important as its superficial theme, the injustice of exploitative employment practices, and even the issue was not thoroughly investigated. Obernas’ real life in Paris may have all kinds of crises and complications, the things in which are at stake for her, but they are not important here. The two worlds of the film’s English name are not clear enough.

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