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Cool custom Darth Vader™ meditation room desk set from Regal Robot

news – I recently stumbled upon this very cool customized Darth Vader™ Meditation Chamber Desk Set on Cool thing. This table was designed by Regal Robot for one of their clients, who were initially looking for a customized Emperor Bao chair.In the process of collaborating with Lucasfilm and trying various ideas, they finally came up with a three-sided table with an adjustable height stool in artificial leather, and a built-in adjustable desk lamp Darth Vader that looks like an arm for a helmet. in Empire Strikes Back. They even included a helmet in the design of the lamp (how cool is this?!?). I don’t know how much custom creation like this will cost, but I think it’s a penny.If you have spare money and want a piece of custom-made furniture like this, please check Regal Robot Then click on their “Submit a custom request“Associated.

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