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Coronavirus Update: The Covid Passport Project was shelved due to WHO warning of “free date”


Since Matt Hancock resigned as Minister of Health, Oris Johnson has been criticized in his first PMQ.

After a photo of Hancock kissing an assistant in the Office of the Ministry of Health appeared, he faced further criticism for failing to fire Hancock immediately.

At the same time, when the lockdown is lifted next month, music festivals, sporting events and other mass gatherings will no longer require Covid passports.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, the ministers will shelve plans to enforce the use of “Covid certification” after Freedom Day on July 19.

The World Health Organization’s Special Envoy for Covid-19 warned against abandoning all remaining protection measures against the virus on a “specified date”.

Dr. David Nabarro told BBC Radio 4’s in the afternoon Plan: “We will have to seriously consider continuing to implement a certain degree of physical distancing, a certain degree of wearing masks, a certain degree of hygiene, and a certain degree of protection for those who are most at risk. There are nasty viruses.

“It makes people very angry because they want to stop being cautious, but… it’s not a cool thing to just give up our preventive measures on a certain date, because we hope this will reduce the risk-the risk is disappearing and staying. .”

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Deaf alarm!After Sir Kyle’s Ollie example, Boris was accused of treating Hancock’s kiss as a “Westminster bubble” chat


Despite the Delta variant, Boris still does not agree to extend the vacation

SNP’s Dr. Philippa Whitford stated that the British Prime Minister’s “failure to maintain strict border controls” led to a surge in cases of Delta variants throughout the UK.

She called for the full vacation and support to be extended “after September”, especially for the most severely affected areas.

The prime minister simply said “no” and added that the government was continuing its “cautious and irreversible” road map to lift the blockade.


Labour MPs attack Hancock


Sir Gere: Has Hancock been asked if he violated any other coronavirus rules?

The Labour Party leader pressured the Prime Minister on Olly Bibby’s case. Olly Bibby died of leukemia on May 5, the day before the photo of Mr. Hancock was taken, and when he died there was only one person at his bedside.

His mother personally told Leader that she had watched every coronavirus press conference and “keep in mind every word” so that her family would know what rules to follow.

Boris Johnson said that Hancock’s kiss was just a “Westminster bubble” issue, which Sir Keele angrily dismissed.

“It is not closed for her family, she speaks for millions” and urged the prime minister to withdraw the comment.

Has Hancock violated more rules? Sir Kyle asked.

Boris said that now is the time to get along with the new Minister of Health and work hard for Freedom Day.

Sir Kil Starmer finally told the House of Commons: “The Prime Minister did not raise any questions on Friday and did not answer any questions today.

“There is a pattern here. When Dominic Cummings drove to Barnard Castle in violation of the regulations, the Prime Minister supported him. When the Minister of Housing illegally approved the £1 billion property transaction of Conservative Party donors, the Prime Minister supported him.

“When the Secretary of the Interior violated the Minister’s Code, the Prime Minister supported her. When the Minister of Health violated Covid regulations, the Prime Minister also tried and hoped to support him.

“It’s the same old story every time. Is it a rule for them when the British do everything they ask them to do, and another rule for others?”

Boris Johnson reiterated that Matt Hancock was replaced the day after the story appeared, adding: “We are vaccinating the population of this country through the new Minister of Health and Ministry of Health’s energy and applications. Healthy.”

After criticizing the delay in resolving the future of Angela Rayner, deputy leader of the Labor Party, Mr Johnson said: “We created jobs, he created non-jobs. He hesitated, we delivered.”


Sir Keele asked “yes or no” whether the prime minister fired Hancock?

The prime minister turned to say that Hancock was leaving at “lightning speed”, and then shot back that Sir Keele spent three days trying to fire Angela Reina, the deputy leader he subsequently promoted.

Sir Gere put further pressure on Matt Hancock’s resignation, accusing Mr. Johnson of trying to blame him for his dismissal.

“After a while he will tell us that he scored the winning goal last night,” he said.

He also mentioned the role of former assistant Gina Coladangelo, including being able to challenge the Minister of Health and her receipt of taxpayer money.

The Prime Minister once again praised the launch of the vaccine and added that the former aide no longer works for the government.


Ian Blackford SNP leader of the House of Commons claims EU nationals are in trouble

Ian Blackford, the leader of the Scottish National Party in the House of Commons, said that the “rights of hundreds of thousands of EU citizens have been weakened by the failure of this government”, which is “completely unacceptable.”

“Will he cancel the ridiculous EU deadline before we have another Conservative party trend?”

So far, PM urges people to apply immediately after receiving 5.6 million applications.

Mr. Blackford replied, “There is a backlog of hundreds of thousands of cases” and “Thousands of our friends and neighbors may become illegal immigrants overnight”.

Scotland’s message is to tell EU citizens that this is their home. He once again urged the Prime Minister to cancel the deadline.

Boris said that the plan is an “outstanding success” and it has been five years since the referendum. Anyone who applies within the deadline will handle their case, and he “urges them to continue processing.”


Boris opens PMQ to pay tribute to the England national team

Boris Johnson opened PMQ by congratulating Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions on their hard-won victory against Germany last night.

“We hope this time, football can finally go home, Mr. Speaker,” he added.


Boris Johnson leaves Downing Street on the way to PMQ

Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street in central London to attend the Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQ) meeting in the House of Commons.

AFP via Getty Images

Professor Whitty “July 19th Freedom Day is okay”-report

Professor Chris Whitty told ministers that the restrictions on Covid could be lifted on July 19, which may be the strongest sign that Freedom Day is coming.

According to the Times, the chief medical officer said at a meeting of Boris Johnson’s senior team that the recent surge in cases has not increased the number of hospitalizations, and summer is a good time to end the restrictions.

According to reports, Professor Whitty told ministers to monitor the hospitalization and issue a warning before winter because people will spend more time indoors.

A Whitehall source said: “The point of view of scientists is that we should open as much as possible this summer before winter, which will be much more difficult.

“This is very encouraging.”


France may have a fourth wave

The chief scientific adviser to the French government, Professor Jean-François del Flessi, said that the fourth wave of COVID-19 virus is likely to emerge in France due to the return of cases caused by the Delta variant first discovered in India.

Nonetheless, Delfraissy added on Wednesday, The launch of the COVID vaccine It will help alleviate the impact of this new virus wave, which many medical experts believe may hit France in September or October.

“I think we will have a fourth wave, but it will be much milder than the first three waves, because the level of vaccination is different from before,” Del Flecy told Radio France.

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