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Family-friendly beach day essentials

Taking a toddler (or baby) to the beach is a completely different ball game. When Craig and I go to the beach as we wish, we are the only ones. Last summer, we didn’t spend many days on the beach (mainly because of Covid), and because Marin was too small and the wake-up window between her naps was short. This year, we will make the most of the beach whenever we have the opportunity. Our summer is so short, it always flies quickly, so we have to make full use of it. This is my best beach day essential for families.

Family-friendly beach day essentials

Beach umbrella

I bought this beach umbrella from there Land and sand necessities last year. I really like it because it is lightweight, portable and made of recycled plastic. It has UPF 50+ protection and is very easy to assemble. The whites we have are sold out, but they have other colors.My only complaint is that the umbrella is not tilted, but I did find this is very similar and has this ability.

Beach chair

I always have questions about us Tommy Beach Chair by Business & Pleasure CoThey are a major splurge for me, but I am really tired of buying beach chairs, which will break after a summer or two and are uncomfortable or inconvenient to transport. The frame is made of waterproof World Forestries certified hardwood and rust-proof stainless steel fittings. The seat is a woven umbrella canvas that is UV, mildew and waterproof. It has padded backpack straps and a back pocket. They are really comfortable Of course, I like their appearance. The important thing is that they are heavy. I go to the beach with a horse on my back, which is not fun. If you have an ATV or a short walk to the beach, that’s okay, but if you usually bike to the beach or walk a long time to reach your destination, you need to know some information.

Beach cooler and water bottle

The best beach cooler we have is Yeti backpack cooler. It can hold a lot of things and keep everything cool for hours. It is also a backpack, which is very convenient to carry. We also take it out of the ship day. If you don’t want to spend so much money on the cooler, I also like it This sustainable cold storage bag from Out of the Woods. It is not as cool as Yeti, but it is durable and super easy to clean. Just put some ice packs there, it’s a good choice.

For water, I like the Hydro Flask bottles we use for beaches and daily use.Craig and I each have One 32 oz with straw cap with Marin has a child.

Beach bag

I got Large zipper top LL Bean tote bag It is a good purchase for Marin as an Easter gift. We use it for almost every day, but it is a great beach bag. It can hold all of our things, I typed it in monograms, so when she started daycare, her name was written on it. LL Bean handbag It is amazing quality and lasts forever. I highly recommend it.


To be honest, I have been looking for an ATV/Wagon for more than a year, but I still haven’t purchased it because I am worried that it will break according to the reviews (if anyone likes it, please add it in the comments!).Now we have been using our Gorilla cart (You can find them in most hardware stores). Its advantage is that it does not collect sand. We can throw all our beach supplies and Marin on it, which makes it easier to take the gear from the car to the beach.

Beach towels and blankets

I have a few Pendleton Beach Towel A few years ago, they were my favorites. The quality is very good, they are big and soft.I have got This is designed by Pottery Barn kids for Marin And print it with a monogram so that she can use it for daycare/camp etc. in the future.For the beach blanket I use Printed tablecloth Because they are light, easy to clean and easy to transport. Over the years, I have collected some from various shops and kept them on hand for use at the beach.

Beach toy

Most of our beach toys are handmade and they are great.I bought it This little beach toy set Made of recycled plastic.

Beach hat and swimsuit

My favorite Marin swimsuit comes from Hannah Anderson, Pearl Street Swimming, with Monica and Andy. I shared some of my favorites Sustainable one-piece swimsuits are here, What I wear in these photos is Fish pattern From fish (I would say it runs a bit small).She has a Patagonian sun hat Sometimes I can keep her sane Sunglasses baby products. I really like this The trucker hat I got from Heidi Merrick Especially when wearing it in water.

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Beach day essentials

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