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corruption! corruption! corruption! As the two-year gag order expired in May, the APPLE Congressional Witch Hunt led by Trump was discovered. Trump ordered the corrupt lawyer William Barr to order Apple to obtain information from the devices of representatives of the House Intelligence Committee members Adam Schiff and Eric Wolwell. The House of Representatives has participated in the investigation of Trump’s criminal and ethical violations. Trump’s actions against Apple are obvious obstruction of justice. The dictator Trump and the shady AG Barr obstructed the Mueller investigation and the investigation and trial of his criminal friends. Does the current AG Merritt Garland have the integrity and spine to bring charges for their crimes?

Since he became president, Trump has been calling for all investigations led by Democrats and Republicans to be a “witch hunt”, and he is committing the same actions he accused others of doing. In psychology, this is called “projection”. When a person works on a project, they take impulses, traits, behavior To othersThis week there is a lot of evidence that Trump projected the crimes he committed throughout his presidency on others. His “big lie” conspiracy theory is an example of projection. Although he accused election officials of stealing elections from him, he is implementing baseless and incompetent audits in the swing state to overthrow even the distorted William Barr who said there were no fraudulent election results.

Yesterday we learned that Barr DOJ ordered the acquisition of information from APPLE from the devices of members of Congress who were vendettas with Trump. Under the Russian-style authoritarian system, Trump abused his power to fight his so-called enemies, while protecting his friends and their constitutional crimes. Trump’s view of the DOJ and the attorney general is that they work for him and are expected to obey his orders to pursue vendettas and cover ups for him and his cronies.

This week brought a lot of evidence to prove how much corruption Trump has been involved in as president. Former white lawyer Don McGahn finally honored the subpoena issued by the House Judiciary Committee two years ago. USA Today writer Bart Jensen reported that McGahn described that “Trump tried to contain or remove several episodes of potential obstruction of Mueller and his investigation.” He testified that Trump continued to pressure him to demand him. Call Assistant Attorney Rod Rosenstein (Rod Rosenstein) and instruct him to fire Mueller. At some point, McGahn revealed that Trump asked him to deny that he had asked him to fire Mueller. McGahn explained that he ignored Trump’s demands, calling them “crazy sh ___t”. He also explained that the implementation of Trump’s obstructive behavior would cause the investigation to “run out of control to the point of irreversibility.” Like most former Trump administration officials, McGahn should prepare for the unfaithful Trump attacking him.

More evidence of Trump’s continued corruption and Russian-style abuse of power is the pressure he ordered the government to assert on the phone and email records of CNN journalist Barbara Starr. Autocratic leaders refuse to abide by laws and regulations and use the government to execute actions that serve them personally or politically. Any reporter who criticizes Trump has become a target of his hate speech. The other entities Barr’s Justice Department targeted on behalf of Trump were the Washington Post and the New York Times. Trump is a fan of the First Amendment because it protects his racist and sedition messages, not when the free press exercises the rights of the First Amendment to criticize him. Hypocrisy should disqualify elected officials from continuing to hold office. This is an act of corruption and dishonesty that the US system should not use.

More corruption exposed this week involved Rudy Gilliani, Trump’s long-time adviser. An audio recording appeared on July 22, 2020, in which Guiliani was heard pressuring Ukrainian government officials to announce an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign. In the recording, Gilliani asked Zelensky to announce these investigations against Biden and Ukraine and not to intervene in 2016. Trump’s notorious “exchange of terms” called on Zelensky to initiate these investigations. In the phone call, Trump made it clear that if Zelensky “do us a favor”, he has promised to release the military assistance provided to Ukraine.

Those who have experienced the Watergate incident have felt the mass arrests of Trump and former White House officials. Trump’s cancellation of countless investigations into his “witch hunt” is a distraction from the reality that we are watching the rule of law hold a former president responsible for corruption attacks on our democracy.

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