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COVID-19 resources

Personal protective equipment

Beauticians will wear masks/face coverings, shoe covers and/or gloves as an enhanced safety measure during the grooming. Customers can share special cleaning requirements before the beautician arrives at their home. For on-site services, we require customers to maintain social distancing and wear masks.

Clean practice

Groomit beauticians follow CDC guidelines on social distancing, hand washing, or using hand sanitizers with at least 70% alcohol. Beauticians are required to take off their shoes when entering the house or use shoe covers and wash their hands thoroughly before starting each treatment. The beautician was asked to disinfect the equipment between the customers.

Beautician health

Every day when providers open the Groomit Groomer app, they will be asked to confirm that they are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases. They are also encouraged to take daily temperature checks. Groomit asks if customers or family members are under a quarantine or quarantine order/instruction, or if they have fever, COVID-19 symptoms, or infectious diseases.

Check out these trusted organizations:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Animal and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

American Veterinary Association

ASPCA-Coronavirus: Protecting your safety during the COVID-19 crisis

We ask all customers to clean and disinfect the beauty area before the beautician arrives, maintain social distancing, and consider wearing a mask when talking with the beautician. If you feel unwell, please cancel the appointment
We wash hands, disinfect tools and clean surfaces, maintain social distancing, wear masks and shoe covers, if our beauticians feel unwell, we will reschedule

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