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The best blog gifts of the year

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Best blog gift-laptop and crafts on the table.

If your friends or family members are bloggers, they will most likely like blog gifts!

I say this because as a blogger for more than 5 years, it is both a job and a passion. Anything that can help me do better is a welcome gift to me!

I am very happy to finally put together this list of gifts for bloggers, divided into different categories. Obviously, who you buy for and your budget will determine what kind of gift you want to buy, but there are cross-sections of different price points, so a blog gift should be prepared for everyone!

You may not know what some of these things are, so you can “give” them as a homemade gift card and let your blogger friends or family members choose or register by themselves. But this should at least give you an idea of ​​some of the best gifts for bloggers, and give you a reminder that it sounds like you might have some clues.

The best gift for bloggers-lollipop packaging gift box

Camera and technical accessories

Images are now an important part of your blog, and having the right camera equipment and accessories can make a big difference for your blogger friends!

Although there is a lot to say about the quality of mobile phone photos, I still think that the control you can get with the camera is better than the convenience.If they don’t have a camera, I can recommend a Sony mirrorless camera from Sony A6000. It is a good price now, but if you want a newer version A6400 Also available.

However, I also know that buying a camera may not be your idea, so there are plenty of cameras and technical accessories that can be a great blog gift!

Best Blog Gift-Edinburgh Festival in August-Stand on the Royal Mile
  • Tripod: something simple and light like this Is great.
  • Lens: Still expensive, but having the right lens can have a huge impact, especially in food photography.
  • camera bag: We have This one But there are also many fashion choices, such as This with This.
  • External hard drive: Essential when you need to store a lot of photos!
  • Camera strap: get rid of the standard strap and choose something more interesting like this.
  • Lens cover strap: I will never lose my lens cap, so these might be useful.
  • Studio Light: Used for photography and video recording at home.we use like this For our food photos.
  • Ring light: Useful for bloggers who want to work in front of the camera.
  • Instax camera: Not required, but instant camera and less edited photos have some fun.
  • A bag or backpack that fits all gear: You may want to consider a multifunctional bag, not just a camera bag, so look for something that fits laptops and other similar items.I love mine Osprey far point 40 with Osprey Porter Also received good reviews.
  • External charger: Batteries are always improving, but these batteries are very useful when you need to go out for work all day.
  • Headphones: used to eliminate background noise while traveling and at work.
Carry On Osprey Fairpoint 40 Travel Backpack

Photo props

If you want to give gifts to bloggers who take a lot of photos at home, photo props are a good idea. These can be backgrounds for food photography or cute photo props that can improve their lifestyle photos and make their home look cute. I have included more in the home/decoration section.

Desk equipment

Regardless of whether your blogger friends or family members work full-time, they may have a working space that needs a little improvement or retouching! I mean, if they don’t have a desk, you might want to start there, but beyond that, there are many other things that can help…

  • chair: Okay, it’s not the most exciting gift for bloggers, but it’s very practical and very important when you’re working at your desk for hours!
  • Cushion: See above.
  • mouse/ mouse pad: Go looking for their niche or something weird and interesting
  • Motivational card: I like the idea of ​​taking out different motivational cards every morning when I sit at my desk and work.
  • Framed photo: Use it on the wall near their desk or on the desk. You can even choose some amazing photos taken by them and frame them!
  • Laptop desk: Suitable for those who work on the bed or on the sofa.
A girl in a yellow sweater is writing on a laptop-How to write an interesting blog post


It sounds like a boring gift, but honestly, I like stationery. When the Australian store Typo finally came to Edinburgh, I was very excited. In fact, I must be careful when I go in!

  • Planner: There are some great planners who help more than just record appointments and things to do. They can help track goals and strategic plans.
  • Calendar: small and cute Desk calendar or Large wall calendar Can be equally helpful
  • notebook: I have a lot of documents in Google Drive, but I can never use a good notebook to help me write down ideas, notes, and things to do.
  • Business cards: Your blogger friends may have designed their own business cards, but if not, you can print some business cards for them, or let them know that this is a gift you want to give them, and they can design their own business cards!I use Mo And love them.

Blog courses/training

When you are a blogger, you will continue to learn. Things are always changing, and you should always continue to develop and invest in your business. This means keeping up with courses and training is very important. So help out!

  • Photography courses: There are many small photography courses related to different aspects of media, such as food photography courses, portraits or how to edit photos.
  • Affiliated courses: Affiliated courses are how bloggers can earn commissions by recommending products or services, and there are some courses that can help achieve this.
  • Search Engine Optimization Course: Search Engine Optimization is a key skill that bloggers learn. If they want to get a stable blog traffic, then it is a good idea to buy books or courses on this topic for them.I can recommend Let traffic happen course.
  • Personal training: a little bit different! Blogging is more like a desk job than people think. Sometimes we are so busy with work that we forget to find some balance and go out to exercise. It is difficult for me to motivate myself. In addition, personal training can be expensive, so why not treat it?
Gifts for bloggers-laptop, coffee and notepad


Some of these are similar to the above idea of ​​providing desktop devices for bloggers. Basically, these things will only make daily work more enjoyable and interesting!

  • Wall paintings: It’s self-explanatory!something strange Or inspirational, or travel reminder.
  • Mug: I like being different cup Use their words to brighten my day
  • Private label items: This is really an interesting gift idea for bloggers! It is easy to obtain items with a blog logo, such as mugs, handbags, luggage tags or T-shirts.
  • Candles: Burning candles when I work can help me relax and enter my work mode. I have experienced a lot!
  • Good coffee: things that fuel all the hard work.
  • Fancy tea: a lovely treat.
  • Comfortable slippers: for those cold days!
Laptop with coffee and flowers-how to write a blog post


These are self-explanatory. I think reading can improve writing, so I have been trying to read all kinds of content-as long as I have time!

Things do change frequently, so blog books may quickly become obsolete, but more basic basic books are worth the investment, and books on business are usually always good.

Blogger’s Gift-Inspirational Books

Subscription and blog technology

Many of these things may already be used by your blog friends or family, but you can always offer to pay for a subscription for months or years.

You may need to ask them what they need or provide them with a budget for blogging technical content.

  • Tailwind: Used to arrange Pin pictures on Pinterest.
  • Stock Photo: There are free websites, but they may be overused, so it is good to subscribe to a decent photo website, such as Shutterstock, iStock or Adobe Stock.
  • Canva Pro: Create eye-catching graphics and pushpins.
  • Adobe Lightroom: Photo editing software.
  • Keysearch: A keyword search tool that helps search engine optimization.
  • Mailing list subscription: Many services are paid only after they exceed a certain level or gain more features.Personally, I use desktop.
  • WordPress themes: If they want to upgrade their website themes, you can offer to buy new themes.
  • Paid plugins: There are many plugins that can help with different things, such as security, speed, and social sharing.
  • Website hosting: The ongoing cost of running a website, so it is always a good website worth spending money on.
Man and toddler on the Isle of Skye

Relax gift

We bloggers really work hard, I promise! When you work for yourself or for something you love, it’s really hard to leave and ask for leave. But balance is also essential to avoid burnout.

So why not buy a gift for bloggers to help them relax?

  • Massage or spa day: join yourself or send it separately!
  • Coffee shop gift card: This is part of enjoying and going out, but it is also useful if they often exercise in a coffee shop.
  • Going out at night or on weekends: Tell them to stay away from the laptop for detox!
  • Gift giving experience: Same as above.
Feet wearing slippers looking out the window in the spa lounge

Content collection gifts

Depending on the type of blog your loved one has, they may need to collect content to post on their website and social media. It is a good idea to give them a gift that helps to do this!

Some of them are similar to the relaxing gifts above, but the ideas are that they walk away so they can collect some great content to post.

  • Gift experience: They can share some interesting things
  • Tour or attraction tickets: the same as above
  • Going out at night or weekend: Although it’s great to leave at night or weekend, you can also plan to go to a place where you can share some great content. Or even both, and said that in addition to taking pictures, they also need to turn off the power!
Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic

Finding gifts for bloggers is not difficult! There are many ideas that can help improve their work and at the same time balance work/life. Hope these ideas will help you next time you want to buy a gift for a blogger!


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