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Selling old phones in 2021?Perform these steps first

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Should I sell the phone I have used? This is a typical question when you want to buy a new model.Does make sense Sell ​​mobile phones Instead of leaving it at home or throwing it in the trash can.

Know you won’t get Full amount When you sell a damaged phone online at the best price.

However, if you put the device in In good condition, You can still get a considerable amount. It will help you pay a small portion of the amount required to purchase the next device.

Before selling a mobile phone, please keep the following in mind:

Collect all unused equipment

If you are someone who often sells old phones, you can skip this step.This is for you people Sell ​​old phones On sites like Rapid Phone Buyer.

It may be that you have never sold any gadgets in the past, so you may have a lot of old phones.So it makes sense Sell ​​all equipment at once, Instead of selling them again and again.

Take an hour or so to find All your old equipment By doing a quick search in all possible places.

Old and unused equipment should be sold so that they can be reused because They contain hazardous chemicals that require proper disposal. It is best not to contribute to the garbage that affects our planet.

Determine the value of your equipment

Search quickly to determine the value of your equipment.

this is very simple Visit different websites Sell ​​the location of the brand and enter the details of your phone, including the manufacturer, model, condition, and other features such as storage space.

Remember to check your Internet service provider, and. Sometimes your device may The account credit or gift card is of higher valueInstead of cash, elsewhere.

you can also Visit different auction sites, Like eBay and Craigslist, check the prices offered for the same device. You will soon understand what buyers want to pay for your device.

Decide on the payment method you want

Since you now know how much your gadget is worth, please consider Which payment method do you prefer.

you Urgently need money, Once the transaction occurs? If you need to wait a week or two, or get paid through the following methods, is it okay? Paypal Transfer? Or you want credit Can you use it when buying the next device?

Each buyer offers different payment methods, and the exact duration of the sales transaction and payment receipt vary from buyer to buyer.

Remember, the buyer may run Their own assessment of your deviceBased on this, they may offer you a price reduction or cancellation of the transaction. When the transaction does not occur, some buyers may return the device for free.

It is important to Read terms and conditions Regarding the payment and refund before sending the phone, so you can know exactly what you and the buyer expect before receiving the payment.

Reset phone

When you decide to send the phone to the buyer, you must Erase all data and restore factory settingsRegardless of the manufacturer, each device allows you to reset in a few simple steps.

Buyers usually won’t accept devices with data or not reset to factory settings.

more importantly, Your personal data is important, Should not be taken lightly. You don’t want your personal information to fall into the hands of strangers.

Make a reset Will only give you A sense of relief And it feels that nothing bad will happen to your data.

Before performing a factory reset, you must Back up data to a safe location. Also, please make sure you transfer all the apps you purchased (especially You bought it at a discount) To the new phone.

apple with Samsung Have your own cloud platform where you can host your data. After obtaining a new device, please send the data back so that you can use it again.

Final words

Hope our article is helpful to you. If you follow these tips, it’s easy to sell your old phone online at the best price. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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