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Cozy and Festive Simple Fall Decor

We love fall, and there’s nothing better than the arrival of sweater weather, crisp, cool air, yellowing leaves, and a festive atmosphere around the house. There are so many fun ways to decorate for fall to create a cozy atmosphere and incorporate all the beautiful tones, themes, and feelings of the season. If you’ve been wondering how to decorate your house for fall, today’s post is for you. We’re sharing easy fall decorating ideas to get you feeling all the cozy and festive vibes of the season!

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Cozy and Festive Simple Fall Decor

candles and lighting

What could be better on those crisp fall evenings than a beautiful fall scented candle and a good book or movie? We love candles, especially those that are organic, naturally scented, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, non-toxic, phthalate and petroleum free!We are big fans of Brooklyn Candle Studio– try montana forest, ciderand ferns + moss For the scent of autumn. Sweet Water Decor is another new favorite that has the perfect scent to set the mood in your home – give it a try comfortable season and hello autumn.

this Wadford Flower Bulb Oil Lamp This is another great way to create a fall atmosphere in your home! Use as part of a table setting or as a display on a mantelpiece. It gives off a cozy, romantic fall vibe that’s both spooky and cozy.


This fall, wrap yourself up in a soft, warm blanket! Not only are blankets the perfect way to get cozy on the couch when the temperatures start to get colder, but they also look beautiful hanging over chairs and couches in your living room.Not to mention, a blanket like a dog pizza packaging A great way to protect your furniture from your furry friends.we like Fall Favorites Collection. So many beautiful shades to make this fall cozy!we also like this Ibex wool blanket Such a subtle neutral to keep you cool through the winter months.


There are some beautiful late season and dried flower options available that can bring warmth and love to your home. Decorate your porch with beautiful autumn mum hues. Place dried flowers around your house and they will look beautiful for weeks to months! I’ve always loved dried flowers and how long-lasting they are.

Neutral Fall Table Display for Outdoor Dining

Pumpkins, gourds and apples OMG!

There are so many fun ways to decorate with pumpkins, gourds, and apples in the fall. You can grow or purchase real pumpkins from local farms to display on your porch and dining room table. You can also purchase fake pumpkins, gourds, or apples to display in your home and use again every year.Small pumpkins look festive on the table or displayed inside a wooden bowl (Made in New Hampshire).I love all the beautiful fall colors velvet pumpkin. I bought some last year that I can use for years to come!We also like these glass pumpkin From Simon Pearce. They are an investment but will become the gift that keeps on giving every fall.

Table settings

Decorating a fall table can be so easy and fun.These Mustard linen napkins use these Porcelain napkin rings Will make a great table setting for your next dinner party.Another great addition to your kitchen staple is this round oil seasoning bottle Made by a local company in Maine called Campfire.we love them too cheese board This will make a great base for fall charcuterie.And then of course there is the beautiful picnic basket Autumn Picnic from Ollie and Ella!

autumn wreath

autumn wreath Another cute and easy way to decorate your home.This is a great way to welcome guests to your home and bring them in Some seasonal color and vibe.Get a wreath that represents autumn and contains natural elements such as pineconebranches, leaves, berries, wheat, dried flowers, mini pumpkins and more!Try something colorful like this Elf Garden Wreath Or look for something local at your local farmers market.

pine cone garland

More cozy things to do in autumn

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