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Rest and Relaxation: How Comfort Can Replace Luxury in Travel

holiday travel People have long associated life with luxury. Traditional messaging about holiday travel often depicts palatial hotel rooms, on-call concierges and the world at your fingertips – but a new trend has recently emerged in which holidaymakers are rejecting “luxury” travel in favor of Choose healthier travel options: rest, relaxation and comfort. But how did this happen?

digital detox

One of the bigger factors in the dramatic shift in holiday habits is undoubtedly the intrusion of technology into every corner of our daily lives. As smartphones become ubiquitous and social media becomes commonplace, the Internet has transformed from a limited-access communication resource into an instantly accessible second life. This has only happened in the past generation.

Screens, notifications, inboxes, and direct messages have become part of our daily lives, and they are becoming The undeniable impact on our stress levels and mental health. To this end, disconnecting has become one of the more impactful ways to achieve a true holiday break, sparking a revolution in the way we plan our holiday travel.

Peaceful stay

The landscape of the tourist accommodation and hospitality industry has also changed significantly in recent years, with the signature luxury of five-star hotels turning towards the lull of whole-property rentals. The huge success of the Airbnb model is evidence of this shift, as cheaper properties offering more creature comforts trump the more expensive hotel experience.

This extends beyond the rental realm as well. As more and more people realize that they want simplicity and ownership in their vacation accommodation, vacation properties have become a major attraction for many people. There are opportunities up and down the country; Holiday homes for sale in North Wales Overlooking the unparalleled Eryri National Park, the Cairngorms’ huts and cabins offer unimpeded access to the Highlands’ mountain passes. These two places are also extremely feasible places to consider digital detox.

ecological impact

As a nation, we are more concerned than ever about the effects of climate change and pollution. Many of us have already changed our lifestyles to benefit the environment, whether that’s changing our diets or changing our habits in favor of alternatives that are less costly to the environment. Just as many of us switched from private transportation to public transportation, we also switched from polluting air travel to public transportation. A more sustainable domestic vacation.

stress free vacation

Switching from international vacations to domestic and rural comforts also has another beneficial effect, namely stress. We’ve already talked about the stress of digital detoxing here – but vacations themselves can also be a stressful endeavor, especially when managing a family vacation. Spending a quiet weekend at a rustic cabin in a national park is much less stressful than organizing a trip abroad.

Country holidays have always existed and will continue to exist. Between a country under pressure and a broader push for better ecological responsibility, rural seclusion and basic comforts represent the Platonic ideal of a relaxing getaway.

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