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Cyber ​​attacks could affect more than 1,000 companies

BAccording to experts, a cyber attack on Kaseya, an IT company from the United States, may affect more than a thousand companies. Cybersecurity consulting firm Huntress Labs said on Saturday that Kaseya’s software was manipulated by ransomware and “encrypted more than a thousand companies.”Among other things, Swedish supermarket chains are affected cooperativeThe company had to temporarily close 800 branches due to the inoperability of the cash register.

The cyber attack occurred before the weekend of the celebration of Independence Day in the United States. IT company Kaseya confirmed the cyber attack on Friday and assured them that the attack was under control. Therefore, only a “small percentage” of customers using Kaseya’s so-called VSA network were affected, 40 people worldwide.

Biden evades the question of Russian participation

In ransomware attacks, hackers lock or encrypt the victim’s computer system in order to ransom users (ransomware in English) for release.

Kaseya claims to be a leader in information technology and information security For small and medium enterprises. Using VSA software, the company can control all computers and printers from a single workstation. Kaseya’s US headquarters are in Florida, and its international headquarters are in Ireland.

America president Joe Biden On Saturday, when asked about Russia’s possible responsibilities, he avoided. “The initial consideration was the Russian government, but we are not sure yet,” Biden said at a show in Central Lake, Michigan. He has commissioned the secret service to investigate the incident.The United States has repeatedly served as Russia hacker attack blame. Russia has always rejected this.

Recently, there have been several cyber attacks on American companies. In May, the American colony oil pipeline and the American subsidiary of the world’s largest meat producer JBS became victims of a ransomware cyber attack.Hackers got sick last year software American IT company SolarWinds provides access to ministries, authorities, and company systems.

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