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England fans are ecstatic, the Three Lions beat Ukraine


England After the team’s two Harry hat tricks brought the Three Lions closer to the glory of the 2020 European Cup, the fans were pushed into a state of ecstasy.

team leader Harry Kane Fans are pleased with Manchester United captain Harry Maguire’s goal in the quarter-final matchup Ukraine Saturday in Rome.

this is Jordan Henderson When the country began to look forward to a tie with Denmark in the semifinals, he raised the score to 4-0.

Fans watching Ukraine vs. England / Amplifier line

Fans Those who dared to dream that Gareth Southgate’s team would continue on the path to glory received a boost when Kane hit the net a few minutes after the start of the game.

The jubilant fans of Trafalgar Square in London jumped up, screamed happily, threw their beer glasses into the air, hugged each other to celebrate.

The game was still 1-0 to England’s advantage at halftime, and the fans hope that this country is just an inspiring talk of an exciting manager, with 45 minutes away from victory.

Soon after, the fans had reason to cheer due to Maguire’s successful header, and then Kane’s second goal rewritten the score to 3-0.

Within minutes, Henderson took home his first international goal, rewriting the score to 4-0.

The Duke of Cambridge is one of the people who expressed excitement about what is about to happen. He posted on Twitter: “Tonight @England’s another top team performance and zero goals. #三狮. Playing well against Ukraine. Can’t wait for Wednesday’s semi-finals!”

The signature of this tweet is the letter “W”.

England need to win at the Olympic Stadium to reach the semi-finals, but fans and experts have always been confident.

As Italy is still on the British Amber list, fans are urged not to travel, but regardless of the pandemic restrictions, the support rate for Gareth Southgate’s men is still high.

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