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Armed personnel canceled the asylum-in-place order after closing I-95

After a militant group closed part of Interstate 95 during the holiday weekend of July 4, the standoff in Massachusetts ended with 11 arrests.

event At around 2 am on Saturday, a state trooper noticed that two cars were flashing hazard lights and tried to refuel in the faulty lane.

When the soldier approached the vehicle, he noticed that the men were wearing tactical equipment and fully armed.

These people claimed that they traveled from Rhode Island to Maine for “training.”However, when The group cannot produce With proper credentials to support their story, the soldiers demanded additional units.

Massachusetts State Police Colonel Christopher Mason said in a statement: “You can imagine 11 armed men standing on the interstate highway at 2 in the morning with long guns. The gun laws of Massachusetts.”.

After more officials arrived, these people refused to discard their weapons, claiming to be from a group that “didn’t recognize our laws.”Then they entered a wooded area, which resulted in nearly nine hours of Confrontation.

At that time, the local law enforcement It is recommended that residents take refuge on the spot. “No threats were issued, but these people should be considered armed and dangerous. We ask residents of these areas to lock their doors and stay at home. The Wakefield Police Department wrote in a statement that there will also be a large number of police officers in the area. exist.

When the police tactical team was able to use armored vehicles to tighten the cordon around them, the suspects finally surrendered.

Of the 11 suspects arrested, two were hospitalized due to pre-existing diseases.

The asylum-in-place order for Wakefield and Reading has been cancelled.

The suspect is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

Photo: Joe Riddle/Getty Images

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