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Biden’s response to the “huge” ransomware attack shows how far he has come-RedState

There was a huge ransomware attack, which experts call “Huge and devastating supply chain attack. “

According to Bloomberg News, The target of the cyber attack is a managed service provider (MSP) that provides IT services to small and medium enterprises. It has affected many companies, so far there are at least 1,000 companies in this country and they are still growing. Experts believe that thousands of people have been affected.

In Sweden, spokesperson Therese Knapp told Bloomberg News that most of the more than 800 stores in the grocery chain Coop were closed on Saturday after the attack caused the cash register to malfunction.

According to Aryeh Goretsky, a distinguished researcher at the cybersecurity company ESET, there have been victims in 17 countries so far, including the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, and Spain.

It is believed that hundreds of MSPs were affected. Even the suppliers of the Republican National Committee were hit, even though the RNC stated that they were not hacked and all their data was safe.

REvil, Group blame Regarding the ransomware attack by the meat processing giant JBS SA on May 30, it is believed that the attack was also behind the attack. REvil is a notorious Russian-related ransomware organization.

Now this is according to Joe Biden’s Meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva. How did Joe warn Putin against cyber attacks? He gave him a list of 16 important things he said, “Don’t aim.” That must be one of the worst reactions. This is basically to give him a hot list. The response should be: everything is forbidden, don’t hit anything. So, how is this solved, Joe? No wonder it seems that no measures have been taken to warn this Russia-related group.

But despite this information, Joe Biden said that “we are not sure” that Russia was behind the attack. Ok. So, who do you think it is, Joe? You basically gave him a list of goals.

However, please check Joe’s answer to this question, because it is terrible. He needs the note card just to respond to whether he thinks it is Russia.The problem comes from behind the counter During his visit to the King’s Orchard Farm Store in Michigan, But I think this is news-even if it is behind the counter-because the staff will not ask about this.

“We are not sure that it is Russian,” Biden said in response to questions about the attack. “I got a briefing on the plane. That’s why I was late to get off the plane.” Then he paid for the purchase.

“I will talk about it better,” Biden said. Then he took out a note card and said, “I will tell you what they sent me, okay?” He read the note and said, “We are not sure who it is, first.” He also said , He has instructed the government to assist in the response. “The director of the intelligence community, he gave me insight into what happened. Tomorrow I will know better,” Biden said.

He said that if Putin knew, he had told Putin before that they would react to the attack; although he had not talked to him about recent events.

For such a simple question, he needs a note card to give the puzzled answer. How bad is he? This is just a few words, not even the real answer; this is a stall reaction. So, if he can’t even do this without reading the instructions, he is really on the stream without oars. And it feels more and more serious.

But hey, the media did report on the pies Biden ordered.

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