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Daily Italian: Marmellata (jam/preserves/jam)

When you see this Italian word, what is the first translation that comes to mind? jam?if you say jamyou can’t go wrong, but there’s more to this sweet and sticky story than meets the eye…



According to the precise definition of the European Union, jam Must be made from specific citrus fruits, such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, citrons, bergamot and grapefruit, with a fruit content of at least 20%.In other words, what we call jam Speak in English!

Technically, jam made from fruits other than citrus would be called jamwhich requires a minimum fruit content of 35%.

However, the reality is that in everyday Italian, these terms jam and jam Often used interchangeably.In fact, it is common for Italians to use jam more broadly any kind jam or store Made from cooked fruit and sugar.

Orange marmalade

according to Trecani, jam from portuguese jamfrom Latin Melimerumand Greek Melimilonmeaning “papaya grafted onto an apple tree.”

Here are some common types jam You’ve probably spread it on a piece of toast at some point in your life!

  • Strawberry jam = Strawberry jam
  • raspberry jam = raspberry jam
  • orange marmalade = jam
  • blueberry jam = blueberry jam
  • peach jam = peace jam
  • cherry jam = cherry jam
  • Apricot jam = Apricot jam
  • fig jam = fig jam
Jam heart-shaped cereal bread slices.

I’m spreading jam on a piece of toast.

I’m spreading jam on a piece of toast.

Another similar product is consist ofwhich is called Candied fruit or Fruit preserves in English.It must be at least 65% fruit and contain less sugar than both jam or jam. (source: piemont store)

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