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Dante, the Father of Italian / Introduction to Comedy-PI Club Live-Italian Podcast

At the club I recently started a A series of exclusive live performances dedicated to Dante Alighieri, The father of Italian (I guess you’ve heard of it), especially his most famous works, Divine Comedy. The reason why I’m starting to talk about comedy now is not accidental: it’s true this year In fact 700th anniversary of the death of the Florentine poet (1321-2021). Since there will be many activities dedicated to Dante in Italy and around the world, I think Italian podcasts are not to be outdone: Therefore, I decided to explain and recite some of the most famous songs of the opera in my own way, which were created by me. .

One of my goals for 2021, not only in the club, but Introduce Dante to my audience, Made up of people who learn (and often like) Italian but are not native speakers. In fact, in my opinion, there is a lot of content on the Internet for Italians who want to get close to comedy, but very little for foreigners. I realize that it is not easy to explain works written in Italian 7 centuries ago to someone who is learning Italian in 2021, but I believe it is possible. In addition, I believe that it is everyone’s right to enjoy the beauty of Dante’s Italian.

What you will hear today is an excerpt from the first live broadcast, where I talked aboutThe importance of Dante in the development of Italian I have got Introduction Broadly comedy. As you will hear, I made some edits to make the explanation easier to listen to. There will be no transcripts this time, because as you have heard, I am talking about “improvisation”, so there is no script.

A few days later, I will publish the second part of the first direct recording, in which I read and explained the first part of hell.

If you prefer Video version You can find the live broadcast on the Italian Club Podcast. The good news is that I decided to start live streaming from the lowest range Wooden Club for only $1 per month! If you want to watch other content of the club in the future, you can switch to a higher subscription range at any time.

I hope you enjoy this episode. listen well!

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