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Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touch Screen Monitor Review

Desklab ultra-light portable 4K touch screen monitor

Review – When I decided to equip my home office/studio with equipment, I knew that the smaller 15-inch monitor was best suited for some of my needs, because the space and the room I designed was separated from daily use/photo editing/video Podcast workstation editing workspace. I continue to search for the 15-inch monitor that suits me best. One of the monitors I was able to test was the Desklab Ultralight portable 4K touch screen monitor.

what is it?

Desklab Ultralight portable 4K touch screen display is a bright LED backlit display, plug and play. It is slim and light, so it is very portable. It has built-in speakers and multiple connection options.

What’s in the box

Design and features


  • Excellent 4K/1080p resolution: Super bright true LED backlight
  • Plug and play: No need to set
  • General compatibility: Use with all cables, operating systems, equipment and software
  • Carry: 15.6 inches, 6 mm thick, ​​portable, thin and light


Screen type: IPS
weight: 725 g
width: 3.5 mm (0.14 inch)
Resolution: 1080p (FHD) / 4K (UHD)
Panel size: 15.6″
Response time: 20 ms
brightness: 400 cd/m2
port: Type-C / mini HDMI / Micro-USB
Color range: 16.7M
Viewing angle: 178°
Contrast: 1200:1

The photos below show the front and sides of the Desklab Ultralight portable 4K touch screen display and connection options.

which performed

When I first received the Desklab Ultralight portable 4K touch screen monitor, I connected it as an additional monitor and connected a second USB cable to enable the touch screen function. It works according to the plug-and-play description and is displayed in the Windows/system settings as it should.

As part of the test, I decided to leave the monitor on for a few days at a time to see how it performs in terms of heating up, etc. After about 3 weeks, the monitor stopped working and could not be turned on. After testing everything, I determined that the monitor was actually malfunctioning.

A few weeks later, Desklab sent a replacement monitor, and I restarted the test. Sometime after 3 to 4 weeks, the display shows distortion, as shown in the figure below:

Desklab eventually sent another replacement monitor, which is now the third monitor, and this time it remains stable and reliable. This is a photo I currently have, and it has been running for more than a year.
The Desklab Ultralight portable 4K touch screen display is bright and the overall is very good. The connection works well, and although I did test some connection options, I mainly use it to connect to a dedicated mini PC that is part of my podcasting workspace. The sound provided by the built-in speakers is relatively good and accurate for such monitors. Of course, the big picture in the room seems to have failed many times before.

what do I like

  • size
  • monitor
  • Touch screen function

What will i change

  • Quality Control
  • Any and everything else is a point of failure

Final thoughts

Now I am on my third Desklab Ultralight portable 4K touch screen monitor, and I finally have no complaints. However, in fact, it takes 2 returns to get a well-functioning and durable return. IMHO, this is an epic failure. Whether it’s quality control or just bad components, I don’t want to experience this as a consumer, especially after paying $399.

price: USD 399.00
Where to buy:
source: The sample for this review was provided by Desklab.

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