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Diana’s legacy continues on William and Harry


Diana’s legacy, princess of Wales Through their work, her sons continue to live in the cause that she has in mind, such as her support for the homeless, AIDS victims and the ban on landmines.

Whether it is visiting street sleepers in hotels, spending time with people who have died of AIDS, or calling on world leaders to take action on landmines, Diana puts her compassion and conviction before her and influences in the process Her sons.

The princess was the first member of the royal family to come into contact with a person suffering from this disease. AIDS virus AIDS.

Princess of Wales / PA file

In the late 1980s, when many people still believed that the disease could be infected by accidental contact, she sat in front of an AIDS patient’s bed and held his hand.

Whether publicly or privately, she supported the work of helping patients, went to the Mildeme HIV Shelter in East London late at night, and served as a sponsor of the National AIDS Trust Fund.

Just a few months before she died in a car accident in 1997, Diana wore a protective mask and vest and walked through a minefield in Angola, which was cleared by the Halo Trust.

She publicly opposed the sale and use of landmines and called for an international ban on them during her travels, which led to the then Junior Secretary of Defense Earl Howe calling her “uninformed” and “the loose artillery made by Her Majesty’s government” was not needed.” .

In the mid-1990s, Diana took her sons, now the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex, to meet the homeless when they were boys, and visited a charity called The Passage.

]Diana and her sons publicly kept her memory. Martin Keene/PA line / PA file

Now, William officially supports The Passage and Centrepoint-two charities he visits publicly and privately.

In 2009, during a public awareness campaign organized by Centrepoint, the Duke slept in a sleeping bag next to a set of wheeled trash bins around Blackfriars Bridge in London, sleeping soundly.

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