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Diesel scandal: consumer advocates sued Daimler

DThe sight must be in Exhaust scandal A possible exemplary declaration action by the Stuttgart Higher District Court. The Federal Association of Consumer Organizations (vzbv) filed such a lawsuit in court on Wednesday morning, benefiting tens of thousands of Mercedes-Benz drivers in Germany. Consumer activists accused automakers of “deliberately manipulating” exhaust emission limits.

“Through the new lawsuit, we hope to open a new chapter in the history of diesel scandals,” said Klaus Mueller, the head of vzbv, in a video conference in front of reporters.According to Müller, the association assumes that Daimler Consumers can claim damages. “Anyone affected can determine whether Daimler AG deliberately installed impermissible power cuts in several models.” Through this project, consumer advocates hope to prove that the group has installed such cuts Install and take unethical and deliberate behavior.

2018 recall

Your lawsuit concerns Mercedes GLC and GLK models with engine model OM651. For this reason, Federal Motor Transport Administration A recall was ordered due to an impermissible malfunctioning device. These devices can ensure that the vehicle meets the allowable exhaust emission limits during type certification, but then will significantly exceed these values ​​in road traffic. In a far-reaching decision in December 2020, the European Court of Justice declared that the use of such failed devices in old diesel engines is generally unacceptable and leaves little room for manoeuvre in the industry.

According to vzbv, these are the vehicles that KBA ordered to recall in 2018. This means that possible claims against the group may expire at the end of this year; however, the model declaration action suppressed this impact on consumers who joined the action. In the words of Christian Grotz of Dr. Law Firm. Stoll & Sauer, who represented vzbv in the lawsuit, affected approximately 50,000 Mercedes GLC and GLK models in Germany. In the European Union, there are said to be more than 136,000 cars.

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