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Disguise yourself in glory-the media coveted in the 6-month “anniversary” of the Congressional riots-RedState

Those who want the story to go on forever are dizzy at the so-called importance today, which is not shocking at all.

The riots in the Capitol in January occurred today, six months ago. Except for a simple fact, that time frame did not resonate at all: those who want to continue to hype the event will use it to continue to hype the event. Today there is no special significance to the riots, no threshold or deadline has been reached, and no concrete achievements have been achieved. Today’s commemoration will only encourage the media to rely on this incident to demonize one side of the political landscape.

Riots are the result of idiot behavior evolving into mob rule. Those who rampage in the Capitol are idiots, and they should all be charged accordingly. But the media has insisted on constructing it as a catastrophic event that cannot achieve the claimed description. This is not an attempt to take over the government. The alleged violence did not fully correspond to the exaggerated allegations. The crowd could not even reach the desired goal of overturning the confirmation vote; all they did was postpone this inevitability for a few hours.

Nevertheless, riots need to be publicized, and they need to be constantly stirred as a story in order to achieve the purpose of accusations. Various Republican politicians are considered accomplices, and conservatives are generally said to support the attack. All of this is incorporated into the media narrative that denies the election results. The media, which likes to question the authenticity of the 2016 results and attribute them to the false Russian co-productions, suddenly scorned suggestions for raising questions about the 2020 results. Now they have the fulcrum to use this anger.

This year’s most popular narrative describes people on the right as “Big lie. “Reporters who pretend to be angry at any mention of the Holocaust (see how Gina Carano and Marjorie Taylor Green are scorned for insensitive comparisons) see no ironic question Invoking this concept of Nazi cultivationOf course, these sensitive souls will abandon Hitler/Nazi/Fascist references almost every day for four years.

We have seen the escalation of violence in the Capitol. Experts claim that this is the worst attack on our government in generations, and the worst political violence since the Civil War. The Senate shot is required), and through an intense attempt to equate the date with 9/11 in the same way. In order for this accusation to be effective, they need to keep fresh memories of the incident, so today, reporters desperately admit this trivial half-year “anniversary.”

There is no shortage of melodrama supplies, and since these vendors are journalists, they inject themselves into the plot line. Looking back on some memories, you can almost feel the worst thing that happened to the reporter.

Cathy Hunt“Some reporters there will not return to the building. Many people seek treatment to cope with the trauma. A long-term reporter on Capitol Hill chose to retire early shortly after experiencing the riots. Many people still cannot sleep well.”

Brian Sturt —— “Today is the 6th month since the Capitol Rebellion. People are worried about not taking enough measures to protect it from another attack because the FBI warned that conspirators might commit violence…”

Jonathan Le Maire – “But six months after the rebellion, this struggle reflects a large-scale investigation, and the authorities are still working hard in the face of increasing efforts by some Republican lawmakers to rewrite what happened that day.”

Wolf Speed ​​Camera – “The National Guard and the armored vehicles are gone. The same goes for the outer fence and the razor line. But the inner fence still exists, despite reports that it will disappear soon. This is an amazing 6 months.”

Scott McFarlane –“This morning six months ago. Donald Trump used the word “fight” 20 times in the Oval Speech at the White House.”

Molly Chung-Fast — “Six months ago, Republicans had successfully used their base to remember this incident.”

In a lengthy thread, Grace Fresh Provided all of this, and more, it sounds as if she is telling a Ken Burns documentary.She ended all this with a paragraph This exposed the media’s intentions in all this.

Again, I can only represent myself and my experience. But I believe it is very important to remind people and keep reminding them how bad things are, how bad it might be, and how bad it still might be. January 6th is just one day. But the impact continues.

The media has always insisted that there will be more violence and other actions after the riots. None of the promised things happened, which is a problem for the media. March 4 was promised as the date for the second uprising, which led to the closure of Congress, all of which led to…Nothing happenedThe second date on March 20 was declared as true believers once again to see Trump’s chance to re-elect the presidency, and again, it led to zero activity.

There were no other violent incidents in the department, but the lack of evidence did not prevent reporters from assuring us that there are threats at all times. They needed that crisis, which led them to make shorthand criticisms of anyone on the right, so here they “celebrated” a reinforced signifier and repeated details they liked so much.

The despair behind the effort has become more and more obvious, which shows that it has not become a deep-rooted national tragedy as they expected. Pity them, because they want to celebrate today.

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