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Doctor from Italy-Intermediate #17-Italian Podcast

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Italian Podcast, in the new Intermediate episode. Today I will not be reading this episode, but Erica, he will tell us a place that everyone in Italy (and the world) will pass through sooner or later, the doctor.Don’t panic, we don’t want you pause (= give you something unpleasant, boring, etc.) The classic dialogue is “at the doctor’s place”, but I have to tell you about Feature (Features) The Italians are related to this place. As usual, you can find transcriptions and more complex words and expressions translated into English on podcastitaliano.com. let’s start!

As spring and season change, it may happen to everyone sick (= sick). What should I do?

Well, if you are in Italy, the easiest thing is Make a call (advisory) To your GP.

Every city has many general practitioner (general practitioner): Doctors who do not specialize in specific fields, such as surgery (surgery), I’orthopedics (orthopedics), I’Dentistry (Dental), But for general problems and minor health problems, you can turn to it.Before turning to one expert (expert), Then, we go to see a general practitioner, he will advise us what medicine to take and tell us how serious the problem is, Suggest (Suggest) which one more (More) Visit or check if necessary.
Everyone chooses (or assigns) a doctor in his city and must contact him specifically when needed: he cannot go to other general practitioners because he is not on their patient list. Family members usually have the same primary care doctor, but there may be exceptions.
You go to the general practitioner for an examination and do recipe (prescription) Drug or test, or request”mutual(sick leave), Or the number of days of absence due to illness.
Visiting a GP is free: you do not need to pay for any examinations.
however, go with (Go, more formal than “andare”) Seeing a doctor is often a tedious operation, because (=because of) long wait.
In fact, in many medical offices, you visit in numbered order, that is, you are holding a card with a number that determines the order of passage, or you follow the order of arrival anyway.
The first one is almost impossible: No matter how fast you want to arrive (no matter how fast (You can try to get there), There will always be an elderly person (usually more than one) already waiting there. How this might be remains a mystery.
To be sure, many elderly people go to general practitioners for various problems, and many of them Early risers (Early bird, early bird).
Some people arrive even before opening hours win (Win, grab) It’s not too late.
Then you wait for your turn waiting room (waiting room), There are usually some chairs, a small table with magazines, paintings and Soft music (Soft music). Older people often chat with each other and sometimes try Additional button (Reach up) Stay with young people who usually look at mobile phones.It is also common to find Pregnant woman (Correct: incintE-pregnant woman) Maybe some kids have cough (cough) Accompanied by parents or grandparents.
The wait can last for several hours, so it is much longer than the time of the visit itself: other people’s visits always seem to be eternal, while your own visits seem to last very little.
So, if you have to see a primary care doctor, remember to bring something Deceive waiting (To pass the time, literally means “deception time”) The book you are reading, the computer, some CFayette (headset) Listen to your favorite podcasts. I won’t even tell you which one it is (I don’t even need to tell you which one it is).
especially, Arm yourself with a lot of patience (Arm yourself with a lot of patience)!
with you? Have you seen a doctor in Italy? Tell us how it works in your country, if you also have a general practitioner and you also happen to wait a few hours before undergoing the examination.


I thank Erika for writing and reading this episode, and remind you to listen 3, 4, 5 times to familiarize yourself with all these new words and expressions.I also suggest you write them somewhere or put them in bundle (deck) Flashcards. Then, when you have the opportunity, you can try to actively use them in the conversation.In this way, you will get Take the initiative (Actively master) Instead of these passive words.
Thank you again for listening, and see you in the next episode. Hello there!

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