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Mahmood’s analysis of the song “Soldi”-RST #57-Italian Podcast

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Trigger controversy-trigger controversy
“[…] This semi-Egyptian singer, this also caused some controversy, because…because in Italy, we said that some politicians like to […] About immigration”-0:50
Just right
“This boy is a 100% Italian boy because he was born in Milan, has a Sardinian mother, and happens to have an Egyptian father”-1:14
“In San Remo, it works like this: there is a jury vote […] There is a vow of home”-1:32
Pull (slang)-popular
“I hate Italian pop music, I know some people like it, for example in Russia it attracts a lot of people […] Italian songwriting music”- 2:46
Model dad-perfect dad
“The theme of this song, Soldi, is actually the father, the Egyptian father […] He is not a very good person, not a model father. -4:00
Prendersela-offended, angry
“You would treat her as a liar”-4:26
Narghilè – hookah, hookah
“He smokes a hookah and asks me how I feel”-6:12
Fuck someone-play someone
“If you screw me up tomorrow, I want to understand faster”-8:28
Chiarire-speak out
“I don’t have time to clarify because I only know what you are now”-8:32
Being in the world-alive
“…When you lose your pride, it is difficult to be in this world”-8:37
Ritornello – chorus, hook
“…We got to the choir, but before the choir […] I want you to hear some features of Mahmood pronunciation”-12:24
Men’s care – not to be missed
“Tell me if you miss me or don’t care”-14:56
Give fuck/ give fuck/ give fuck-don’t give ****
“Tell me if you miss me or don’t care”-14:57
Verse-verse (note! “Verse” means “verse” and “verse” means “line”)
“Well, let’s continue to verse 2 and then the next five elements, because there are five elements, verse 2 has only five elements, not seven lines like the first verse”-17:43
Bullet in the chest-Bullet in the chest
“Betrayal is a bullet in the chest”-17:48
“Take out all your charity, you lie at home, but you know it knows”-17:56
Until very late-until very late
“Before you talked to me very late, you talked to me until very late”-6:48 PM
“Waladi waladi habibi ta’aleena, you tell me to play proudly”-10:49 PM

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