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Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is such a fun holiday! It brings out the childlike spirit in all of us. I love that Halloween is themed around the year – new movie releases, fashion trends, etc. all incorporated into the costumes. If you want to keep things simple, there are always Halloween classics to rely on. Whether you have kids and are planning to trick-or-treat this year, or you’re going to a party and need a costume quickly, trying to come up with ideas and materials can be daunting.

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you haven’t thought about your costume yet, have no fear! Today we’re sharing some fun and easy DIY Halloween costume ideas to make things easier this year. Skip the trip to the Halloween store and use things you already have at home, or get crafty and make a Halloween costume that will be as spooky, cute or fun as you want it to be!

Easy/DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

adult clothing

Tanya in “White Lotus”

For those of us who know and love the show white lotus, I think this is a really fun and easy costume idea. Wear a floral maxi dress, heels and a pink scarf, draped around your head and neck. Wear big, flashy sunglasses or even a blonde wig if you have one lying around. Put on your eye makeup and lipstick, pout your lips, and you’re ready to go!

wednesday adams

Wednesday has always been a popular character and fun to dress up. With the latest Netflix show Wednesdays making a comeback. Wear a black dress or shirt and skirt, or even a white collar, black stockings and penny loafers. Even better if you have a black wig! Add some white topcoat for a pale effect and apply a dark lipstick to complete the effect.

barbie and ken

We remember Barbie so well and it was such a fun costume, especially this year. Or better yet, become Weird Barbie if you want to be funny. For Barbie, wear the same ’80s neon bodysuit, high ponytail, and visor you’ve been wearing. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, put on some roller skates. The weird Barbie doll can be completed with an awkward pink/colorful babydoll dress, a short blonde wig (or tease to make your hair a little crazy) and some face paint to add some random doodles.


The cowgirl is a classic outfit that’s easy to throw together at the last minute. All you need are jeans, flannels, a cowgirl hat, and boots. You can also add a handkerchief. For a fun spin, try Coastal Cowgirl with a bit of West Beach inspiration. Swap your jeans for a flowy dress and denim jacket! Add a white cowgirl hat for extra emphasis.

Emily in Paris

For the show we hate to love, Emily is Paris is another fun modern outfit. All you need is a red beret, heels or boots, a skirt and a top. Check out the pictures from the show for inspiration and see what you have in your wardrobe that might work.

little mermaid

The recent remake of The Little Mermaid is another great modern take on a classic. Keep this outfit simple by wearing a purple shirt, a red wig, a green skirt, or a scarf as a tail. Tie a ribbon or scarf around your waist to make the outfit look more harmonious. Props like seashells can help make your costume easily identifiable.


I’ve done funky things a few times, but it’s always fun. Head to your local thrift store and see if you can find trendy clothes, gloves, fishnet stockings, and heels. Wear red lipstick and a headband to seal the deal.

Children’s or adult clothing

Disco balls, cassette tapes and records

If you want to make a disco ball, cassette tape, or audio recording, all of these make for fun DIY projects at home. For the disco ball, you will need cardboard, spray paint, and aluminum foil. Cut out two round shapes from cardboard for disco balls and spray paint. Then cut out some aluminum foil rectangles and glue them on the disco balls. Connect the two circles with yarn or tape and drape over the shoulders. Add some sequin glasses to seal the deal!

For cassette tapes, you’ll also need to cut the cardboard into rectangular shapes. Draw a rectangle to mimic the tape you selected. Add straps and layer it up in black. Add sneakers and headphones for authenticity!

For the record, cut the cardboard into circles and paint the outer circle black and the inner circle white. You can jazz it up by adding headphones.


I saw this idea online and loved how simple and creative it was. For the tree costume, just wear brown pants and a green shirt. Use an old headband or buy one from the store. Gather some branches outside and attach them to the headband using hot glue. You can become a fall tree by wearing a colorful shirt of red, orange, and yellow and spray-painting the branches gold. There are so many fun ways to make this costume your own!


The lumberjack is another classic garment you see year after year. It’s easy to assemble – grab some jeans, flannel, boots, suspenders, a beanie, and a toy ax and you’re good to go!


Another simple costume that can be assembled quickly is the Peasant. Wear overalls, flannel, straw hat and work boots. Get some old-fashioned farm animals like chickens, cows, goats, pigs, sheep or horses for added authenticity.


When I was a kid, my friend’s dad made us sunflower costumes out of cardboard. We wore mismatched green tracksuits and these very homemade-looking sunflower heads, which to this day is still one of my favorite photos! I love the idea of ​​butterflies too! Take some extra cardboard and cut out two large butterfly-shaped wings. Paint or spray them any color of your choice, then tie a black elastic band and wrap it around your child’s arm. Add a simple black headband with an antenna and pair it with an all-black outfit. Tiantian!


Cat costumes are another classic that are loved by children and adults alike. Wear all black and use some face paint to create a beard and nose. Make your own kitty ears headband using old headbands and black cardstock, or purchase one. Wrap balls of yarn around your arms and legs to add a little extra charm to your cat.

family clothing

super mario bros.

Super Mario is a popular movie coming out this year, and it’s fun to share the love of our favorite Super Mario characters with our kids. Why not make it a family activity and have everyone dress up as a different Super Mario character? Each family member can choose their favorite character and match the outfit with items they can find around the house. Mario needs overalls, a red shirt and a red hat. Luigi needs overalls, a green shirt and a green hat. Princess Peach needs a princess dress. Toad needs a fun red and white mushroom hat. Yoshi needs a green dinosaur costume. Get creative and have fun!


Crayons are another fun and easy family costume. Each of you can choose your favorite color and dress in that color from head to toe. Make small conical hats in each corresponding color. Use some black tape to write “Crayon” along the length of the garment and voila!


Similar to the crayon costume, the skeleton is simple. Wear all black and use white tape to represent the bones around the body. You can find patterns and ideas online!


Robots are another great costume idea for those families with a lot of boxes around the house. Paint or spray your large box silver, then add embellishments, such as ties, using construction paper or other materials you have lying around the house. Cut two circles on each side of the box for the arms and one circle for your or your child’s head. Load up your box and you’re ready to go! If you want to take it to the next level, you can attach a smaller box to the top of the larger box to fit around your head. You just need to cut out a rectangle to see it.

greek gods

Another fun theme for the whole family is Greek Gods! Bring your old sheets and gold accents. Use gold and white sheets, scarves and fabrics to wrap around the body as a dress or toga. To add extra style, you can wear a gold headband, use props like shields and strappy sandals.

The most important thing about Halloween is having fun! Use your creativity and don’t take yourself too seriously. It doesn’t have to be perfect. No matter how old you are, it’s always fun to pretend. So choose an activity you enjoy in the evening and keep it simple. No need to spend hundreds of dollars at a clothing store!

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