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Eleven heavily armed men in tactical gear led to a deadlock and closed I-95-RedState in Massachusetts

An unusual situation occurred on Saturday morning that caused a huge deadlock on I-95 in Massachusetts from around 2 am local time.

The police found two cars parked on the road, apparently because they ran out of gasoline, so they stopped to assist them.

There are 11 fully armed men in the car, armed with rifles and pistols, and equipped with military tactical equipment. These people told police that they would travel from Rhode Island to Maine for “training.” They claimed to be from a group that “does not recognize our laws” and refused to lay down their weapons or obey the authorities. This started a confrontation with the police, some of them fled to the surrounding woods.

“You can imagine that 11 armed men were standing on the interstate highway with long guns at 2 in the morning. This will definitely cause people to worry, and it does not comply with our gun laws in Massachusetts,” Massachusetts State Police Colonel Christopher Mason (Christopher Mason) Say. “I appreciate this view,” he said. “After all, I disagree with that view, but I admit that it does exist.”

Initially, there was no information about the nature of the people being stopped. The liberals on Twitter immediately concluded who these people are. They immediately assumed that these people were white militiamen, and some commented that if they were people of color, they would be shot by the police.

Of course, you know what they think of hypotheses. When they knew what these people were, they fell apart completely. They are members of a group called “The Rise of the Moors”. They describe themselves as “Moorish Americans dedicated to educating the new Moors and influencing our elders.”

In their video, which was streamed from the roadside during the standoff, they claimed that they were not anti-government and did not intend to threaten anyone.

“We are not anti-government. We are not anti-police, we are not sovereign citizens, we are not black identity extremists,” said the man who appeared to be wearing military equipment. “As pointed out to the police many times, we abide by the peaceful travel laws of the United States.”

Boston Police Chief Ed Davis Say The group’s previous remarks were “by no means peaceful”.

In the end, a few hours later, the police negotiated for them to hand over their weapons, and they were arrested. It is not clear what allegations they may face.

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