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Antifa attacked an Asian man in Los Angeles. What the police did will make you furious – RedState

As Red State Report Earlier today, Antifa militants rampaged in Los Angeles, California. A group of peaceful protesters first appeared at Wi Spa Previous virus incident One of the men who claimed to be a “transgender” exposed himself to young girls.

After the protesters arrived, violence broke out in the form of a vicious attack on a woman by members of Antifa. All this was captured by Andy Ngo with a camera.

While wandering in the same area, an Antifa member subsequently attacked an Asian man who picked up a bottle after being kicked to the crotch and fought back to defend himself. What happens next will make you angry. Make sure you watch it till the end.

You can clearly see from the video that an assailant walked up to the Asian man and kicked him first, while others surrounded him and questioned him. This is Antifa’s favorite strategy because they are full of cowards at heart.

The man then responded by waving his water bottle at the man in self-defense. Nevertheless, as you will see at the end of the video, this Asian man was detained by the police and escorted away.

All of this happened while the attacker was standing there, and other Antifa members were screaming obscenely. Although there were multiple police officers at the scene, the police did not even try to detain the attacker in this case.

While I was typing, Ngo was still posting a new video of Antifa attacking people in Los Angeles. The most recent victim we know of was a street missionary who was beaten and kicked for a purely serious crime.

The police apparently arrested an Asian man because he defended himself against the Antifa attack several hours ago, but he is nowhere to be found. It’s almost like an order to go out and not arrest anyone connected with Antifa. There may be other explanations, but I did not come up with one.

All this is crazy, which reminds people again that the police are not your friends, especially in these blue cities. Call it obedience to orders or something, but when a city is run by ultra-left theorists, you can’t trust law enforcement to protect you or treat you fairly.

When it comes to these cities, ordinary people will have to make some difficult decisions in the future. As i shared yesterday, A soldier was charged with murder at the far-left fortress in Austin, Texas, when his car was under siege and shot a BLM protester who pointed him in the face with an AK rifle .

At some point, this becomes self-survival, and leaving may be the only way. Antifa has announced an open season for anyone who opposes them, and the police have sided with them in too many cases. Respond accordingly.

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