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Delta variants: macro meaning

From DB, does the United Kingdom herald the United States?

Source: Yared, “The case against cases”, Deutsche Bank, June 29, 2021.

Goldman Sachs provided data on Delta Variant’s current share of cases in various countries.

source: Nathan et al. What is the most important thing about macro research, June 30, 2021.

Although cases may increase rapidly in parts of the United States where vaccination rates are low, Yared et al. Concluded, taking into account the time (summer) and the fact that the hospitalization rate did not increase in tandem with the UK cases:

(1) The focus should be shifted from cases to hospitalization, and (2) delta variables should not have a significant impact on the reopening of the Eurozone and the United States.

I hope this is an accurate forecast.

Look Here Used to check how the vaccination rate varies with the geographic distribution of GDP.

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