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Reality needs a holiday because Kamara claims to let people return to work-RedState

Kamala Harris and other members of the Biden team Go for a walk Today, I am trying to sell what the White House calls the “America Reunion” trip on July 4.

Joe Biden Failure to meet vaccination goals He was set for July 4th, the day he warned us. He said that if we do not meet, we may not be able to reunite with our family.

However, it seems that Biden has completely forgotten about this threat and now decides to act as if his team has achieved something. Kamala Harris delivered a speech at the Carpenters International Training Center in Las Vegas on Saturday-trying to promote the theme of “returning to work” in the United States.

From the mountain:

“This weekend is a weekend. Now especially in our country, high school bands will hold a parade and families will gather in the backyard to have a barbecue. When the fireworks light up our night sky, children will watch and be curious. We will celebrate our country together Independence,” Harris said.

“This year, we will not only celebrate our independence. We will celebrate the resilience of our country,” she continued. “Because this year, the United States is reuniting. Because this year, the United States is returning to work.”

She believes that the number of employment reports is 850,000 and expressed Biden/Harris’ support for the union.

“The jobs we create through the bipartisan infrastructure framework are something you don’t need to guess. Union work will be great,” Harris said. “The reality is when workers are heard. When unions are strong. Our economy is strong and our country is strong. Our people are our strength.”

But of course, Biden/Harris did not “create” a job in all this. Work is returning because the situation is continuing to recover as the pandemic subsides, and because states have stopped receiving federal unemployment benefits, people will return to work instead of staying at home.

In fact, it was Biden/Harris’ support for unions that caused people to postpone returning to work because Biden/Harris Refuse to promote teachers’ union Agree to resume face-to-face teaching in many schools. This prevents many parents from returning to work. Therefore, it is not so much “job creation” as it is because of their poor policies and methods that they are really preventing people from returning to work.

Harris didn’t even have a bad time at her own party, As I wrote before, If Joe Biden no longer runs, Democrats doubt whether she can take office in 2024. They feared that she would not be able to defeat possible Republicans, including President Donald Trump. When you can’t even convince your own people, maybe people really won’t buy the products you want to sell. Now, the Americans are not buying what Camara is trying to sell to them.

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