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Speeches by Jim Bob and Michel Dag, “Looking forward” to the cancellation

TLC will no longer broadcast “Counting On”, but it seems that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have high hopes for the future.

The network announced the cancellation of reality TV shows on Tuesday Josh Dag arrested Possession of child pornography in April.

Saturday, the Couple break the silence Regarding the cancellation of the show, they did not admit that their son was arrested.

Jim Bob and Michel wrote: “It’s hard to believe that more than 17 years have passed since a production company that wanted to make a one-hour documentary about the logistics of raising 14 children contacted us for the first time. .” On their website.

“Our family grew up in front of our eyes and in front of national television (and grown up!), the journey was miraculous-following God is an exciting adventure!”

Although viewers will no longer be able to see their family members on TLC, Jim Bob and Michelle seem to imply that this will not be the last time fans hear from them.

“We look forward to all the new adventures and efforts that may arise. With so many adult children and great grandchildren, we know that our love will only continue to multiply!” the couple wrote.

The stars of TLC continue to thank the staff and others who participated in the production of the once-popular reality show.

Although Jim Bob and Michelle did not share what happened next, they insisted that they would continue to update their fans in the next journey.

“The wonderful experience that shooting brings us will be treasured forever, and we look forward to discovering the next steps of our family and sharing more with you in the process!” the reality TV star wrote.

This is not the first time TLC has severed ties with the Duggar family. After the premiere of “19 Kids and Counting” in 2008, this big family became popular on the Internet.

The show was cancelled in 2015 when Josh is accused sexual harassment. However, the derivative drama of “Counting On” was eventually collected on the Internet and broadcast for 11 consecutive seasons.

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