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Emma Raducanu thanked the stars for their support after the Wimbledon race


mma Raducanu thanks her well-known fans for their support after the outstanding performance of this British teenager Wimbledon Run.

After receiving strong support from Marcus Rashford, Andy Murray and Liam Gallagher, the Bromley schoolgirl expressed her gratitude on Twitter on Tuesday. situation.

Due to medical reasons, the 18-year-old was forced to withdraw from her fourth round match with Australian Ajla Tomglianović.

In a statement, the A-level student (right) said that she had difficulty breathing and was dizzy and dizzy when she was on court 1.

In reply to Rashford, she shared a story about having similar breathing problems during his teenage football era. She said: “Thank you very much for your kind words, this news is of great significance to me. I will continue to build and become stronger!”

In a message to the singer Gallagher-she called her “a genius in the sky”-she wrote: “Thank you very much for your support, thank you!”

Earlier, broadcaster Pierce Morgan and cricketer Kevin Peterson said that if she wants to engage in elite sports, she needs to “be strong.”

Morgan is defending BBC commentator John McEnroe, who was accused of misogyny because he speculated that Radukanu found out that the game was “a little too much” before knowing the reason for her withdrawal.

Murray, the two-time Wimbledon champion, said Morgan’s views were “very harsh on this situation,” and his mother Judy added: “Middle-aged men should generally avoid commenting on the physical and mental health of young girls.”

Raducanu had previously stated that she did not check her phone so that she could focus on her Wimbledon debut. In an interview with the BBC, she said that she is going home today and will watch the European semifinals between England and Denmark with her parents.

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