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Emma Raducanu was outspoken when she withdrew from Wimbledon in 2021


mma Raducanu said she felt “much better” after retiring in shock Wimbledon -Added that she was forced to withdraw from the game because her debut experience “catch up” with her.

The teen star confirmed that she had difficulty breathing and felt dizzy on the court on Monday night-which meant that she was “not in good health to continue” and finished the game.

The 18-year-old tennis player said that the decision to quit was “the hardest thing in the world.”

In a statement on Twitter, she wrote: “I want everyone to know that I feel better this morning. This week I played the best tennis of my life in front of an amazing audience. I think the whole experience Have caught up with me.

“At the end of the first set, after some super intense rallies, I started to breathe heavily and feel dizzy. The medical team advised me not to continue, even though I couldn’t finish my Wimbledon on the court. It felt like the best in the world. Hard thing, but my physical condition is not good enough to continue.”

Raducanu continued: “I want to thank the people who cheered for me every game. I really want to win for you!”

“Last night was a great help in helping me understand how to perform at the top. I will cherish everything we have achieved together this week and come back with a stronger attitude! Can’t wait to see what happens on my next journey.”

Female student Raducanu (Raducanu) was forced to retire due to breathing difficulties in the second set clash with Australian Ajla Tomljanovic on Monday. She played at Wimbledon. The wonderful performance ended on Monday.

She paid tribute to Tomljanovic and added: “I want to congratulate Aguila for his outstanding performance and I am sorry that our game ended in this way.”

In an interview with the BBC, Raducanu said that she “don’t know” what caused her breathing difficulties.

She said this may be “a combination of everything that happened behind the scenes in the past week and the accumulation of excitement and buzz. Next time, I hope I can be better prepared.”

The star said that this experience will not have a negative impact on her Wimbledon tennis tournament, adding: “This is the best week of my life.”

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