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Andrew Cuomo declares “gun violence” a state of emergency – RedState

To what extent can a country promote the declaration of a state of emergency to justify violations of people’s rights?We are about to find out if Andrew Cuomo There is his way.

The Governor of New York State declared a state of emergency against gun violence. His executive order will be used to investigate various violations of the Second Amendment. But remember, the Democratic Party is anti-dictatorship or something.

What’s interesting is how it aligns with the emergency order to deal with COVID that was spread in almost every corner of the country last year. Unfortunately, too many right-wingers support the view that states have broad powers to violate basic rights, including people who simply go out to stop the pandemic. Finally, because of the lack of correlation between blockade measures and transmission, they were largely futile, but they still happened.

Because of this precedent, Cuomo is likely to believe that as long as he declares a state of emergency, he has the right to confiscate the guns of legal gun owners and formulate various other policies to mock gun rights. Can you blame him? When the entire political structure, including the Republican president and most Republican congressmen at the time, supported the idea that the lockdown and mask order could be enforced by declaring a state of emergency, Cuomo had no reason to believe that the journey to power would stop there.

In the speech announcing the order, Cuomo complained that no one needs an “assault rifle” to hunt deer, apparently thinking that the Second Amendment exists for hunting. It shows a lot of absurd explanations for leftist rights (or lack of rights).

How far this can ultimately go is still an open question. There is no doubt that all these actions of Cuomo will be brought to court at some point in the future. Will he stop the total confiscation? We will find out.

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