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Team crunch-what to do?

II just can’t please my colleagues. Ulla Bergman sounded helpless. This qualified biologist will soon turn 60 years old and has been working as a horizontal entrant in the public service for 20 years. She is currently a public relations officer in a major city in Germany. Your colleague is often sick, and she often gets time off to continue her work as a staff member. Then Bergman must represent them-in addition to their own tasks. “I think her promise is correct and important. It’s not her fault that she often gets sick,” she clarified. Question: She is the only person who can represent her; together with the department head she also represented when she was absent, they only formed a three-person team-this is an urgent solution because your speech must always be divided into Two subject areas, even if there are not enough people to provide a reasonable number of groups.

When the colleague returned to work, she did not thank you for the replacement, but listed all the things that went wrong. “She denied that I had any ability, even though we started almost at the same time,” said Bergman, who didn’t want to reveal his real name. For three years, there is no end in sight. Colleagues described her as “always difficult to get along with and will be offended soon.” Everyone only touched her with their children’s gloves, especially because she was seriously ill. Bergman’s joint superiors, who repeatedly asked for clarification, avoided the conflict: “He is very dissatisfied with his tasks and positions.” Public services are destined to assume management functions. “But neither can nor want to assume the role of a manager.” Bergman ended her report on the status quo with her resignation.

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