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ESPN dispute between Nichols, Taylor becomes Messier

ESPN’s coverage of the 2021 NBA Finals made headlines almost as much as the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks.It started on July 4th, when The New York Times published a report Details the consequences of the comments made by reporter Rachel Nichols to other presenters Maria Taylor, and the play did not continue until the next few days .

A year ago, Nichols suggested in a private call that Black Taylor was selected to host ESPN’s 2020 NBA Finals report because the network was under pressure due to its poor diversity record. The recording of this conversation was transmitted to ESPN, which aroused the anger of many employees.

According to reports, Nichols, the host of the ESPN show “The Jump”, stipulated in her contract that she would host “NBA Countdown” during last year’s finals. After Nichols and ESPN received strong public opposition recently, Malika Andrews Substitute Nichols Served as a sideline reporter for ABC in the first game in Phoenix on Tuesday night.

On Monday, Nichols hosted “The Jump” and was hosted by apologize Because of her controversial comments. Nichols and ESPN received more scrutiny for apologizing, and “The Jump” did not air as planned on Tuesday afternoon.

According to reports, the plan is for “The Jump” to return on Wednesday at its regularly scheduled time slot. Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, But even this may be up in the air.

Nichols said she had contacted Taylor, who refused to talk to her.The situation has become so unstable that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (Adam Silver) Press conference Before the game on Tuesday.

“I mean, this is what happened when I guess Rachel was in the bubble a year ago. I thought that in the past year, maybe through some very difficult conversations, ESPN would find a way to Fix it,” Silver said. “Obviously not.”

ESPN has handled it badly, and the situation may get worse.

The Post pointed out that Taylor’s contract will expire on July 20, when the finals may be underway. According to reports, the two sides were far apart in the negotiations.

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